10 Reasons for Choosing The Timber Windows




In comparison to the aluminum windows, the timber windows stand the test of time. Even if timber indicates the finally curved windows will be expensive, still in the long run, the timber windows will be beneficial. Timber windows have a superior ability to withstand the weather changes, and so reduce the need to replace them frequently. Now the reasons for preferring the timber windows over the others, bear their own justification.

Maximal protection and minimal maintenance

Being factory painted, the timber windows are treated with the factory paints before top assembly. Hence, the windows are provided overall protection from moisture absorption. So, its longevity is even maximized. They are base coated with timber preservative after which a primer coat and two micro-porous paints are applied.

The coatings last for a minimum of five years to a maximum of eight years, and there is no need to retreat them. If any changes are to be made to the windows’ color, then it can be done with the aid of redecoration. Sanding down does the job.

Internal beads for security purpose

The glass is carefully fitted from the room side for prohibiting any intruders to gain access through glass removal.

Coloured, Neat Silicone Seals

The windows have purposeful groves on their insides and outside. Even they have silicone protection e  against water ingress. The apt clear and colored silicone is applied at the factory that guarantees no hindrance to the seal.

Ventilation Channels Are Helpful in Preventing Double Glazing From the Effect of Misting

Thanks to the ventilation channels, the double glazed units are protected. For the standard systems, misting is likely to occur at the time when the glazing units can be fitted within the frame trapped in water.

Selections of Multi-Layer With Opposing Grains Thus Balancing Warping With Twisting Prevention

The multi-layer timber for the windows is the standard throughout the different ranges, and highly effective to resist twisting and warping, thus going against the grains despite the natural moisture movement. Timber twists in the wet weather, and it seems like swelling and it results in standard windows sticking.

Glazing Units Become Much Twice More Effective In Comparison to the Double Glazing

The timber windows incorporate the double-glazed units equipped with enhanced thermal insulation glass that provides too much low U-value.

Cavity Filled Argon Gas

The unit’s efficiency is further improved by filling the cavity using argon gas as well as low conductivity spacer bars for minimizing the edge losses. This results in a 1.1 W/m2K center pane U value. So,  80% energy savings increases in comparison to single glazing, along with 45% increased energy saving in comparison to the ordinary double glazing.

Excellent optical clarity

Modern timber windows are generally made of advanced glass technology. The advantage of this technology is that it does not only offer better thermal performance but it also provides an exceptional optical clarity than other traditional hard coated glasses. High light transmittance can allow natural light to enter the room.

Low maintenance and easy to repair

If you are planning to replace your windows, timber windows can be the best option to choose as they require very low maintenance. The general lifespan of these windows to 50 to 70 years. So, you do not have to worry about high maintenance. However, experts suggest some simple regular cleaning and repair techniques to eliminate the risk of draughts, rattles, noise problems, and leaks. You can consider soft dusting to remove loose dirt and surface dust from the window frames.

Durability and strength

Last but not the least, timber widows come with extreme durability. The solid natural wood can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. The classic, solid and impressive design of timber also gives a long-lasting performance as compared to other traditional materials.


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