A Guide to Structural Frameless Glass Link


Are you looking to create an extra living space, add an annex, or are just looking to give your home a cozier atmosphere? Are you looking for a way to add a new extension to an old building as a conservatory, without compromising its visual appeal and property value?

Then glass links are the solution for you. They can give your home the much needed makeover without completely altering the existing nature of your home. Glass link is versatile and lends itself to both traditional and contemporary homes and buildings.

What is a glass link?

Glass link is the modern solution of linking rooms or buildings using glass. Whether you are connecting your home and garage or a new extension to an existing building, they are the perfect engineering solution. They are contemporary and elegant. It can be a glass wall or a glass walkway or linkway with a glass roof or skylight. The possibilities are endless. The addition of glass links can add instant beauty and value to your property.

 Glass links are visually stunning and highly functional. They maximize the living area by inviting the outside in. they add a sense of space whether they are an extension to the exterior or connecting rooms on the interior. They help create energy efficient spaces by inviting ample daylight. The simplicity of glass, seamlessly combining structure in an unobtrusive fashion, is absolutely phenomenal. They are elegant with minimal detailing and little to no framework.

Structural Glass Link

Structural glass means the frameless assembly of glass. As in, the structural load is taken by the glass itself, with no supporting frame. The glass is bonded or anchored to the building without the frame or pressure plates. Its minimalist nature makes it a favourite among modern home owners. It allows clear distinction and invites an impressive amount of light. They add more space to your house by seamlessly linking the interior to the exterior.

Frameless structural glass links can be a design feature to give a sense of luxury to your home with their stunning aesthetics and less visual interruptions. They can also be practical as extensions that lead you from the existing part of the house to the new addition or link your home to the garage.

Where are glass structural links used?

An extension between old to new: Structural glass link can seamlessly and elegantly create a fusion between an old building and the new extension. They are versatile and can blend with the nature of both the old and new structures. Glass links can highlight the features of both the traditional and modern settings.

An extension between new to new: Frameless structural glass extensions can be perfect to link different sections of your house. Whether it is to connect your home to the garage or a lounge, glass links are perfect. They create a unique transition between settings.

Habitable space: The amount of natural light that glass links allow into the room can make for a visually stunning space. By inviting the outside into your room, there is a sense of warmth and comfort and abundance in space. Made of glass, these rooms can be enjoyed year long, regardless of the weather.

Glass options for structural glass links

Single glazed glasses can be used for frameless links but they are not insulated and therefore, they are not energy efficient either. Double or triple glazed glasses are two or more glass panes separated by air or vacuum. These types of glazed glasses offer insulation and are thermally efficient. Structural glasses are weather and heat resistant. These glasses are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rainfall.

You can also opt for additional lamination and coating. These glasses are strong and secure. They are impact and shock resistant. The innovations in design, improvements in glass processing and manufacturing technologies and the advancements in the installment procedures ensure that the glass links you choose are engineered to last. Structural glass links are highly durable and easy to maintain.

Opening elements for structural glass links

Structural glass links can include opening elements like windows and doors. There are frameless doors that can be included within the single glazed link structure for a completely frameless finish. You can also use framed doors that are weather sealed. But to integrate framed opening means additional framework and while it will still be aesthetically pleasing, it will no longer be just glass.

How much does a structural glass link cost?

Although the cost of the glass link depends on the size, type of glass and the magnitude of extension and installation, you can expect to pay between £1000/m2 to £4000/m2. You can arrive at an estimate that fits your budget after consultation with your architect or contractor. To get the best in functionality and aesthetic value, it is important to choose the highest quality of structural glass link for your project.