Aluminium Bifold Door Opening Configurations


Bifold doors fold to give a large opening aperture. 

Bi-folding doors have a wide variety of options when it comes to opening configurations. The opening configuration for a bifold door depends on the amount of space and number of panels. 

In respect of configuration – the size of the doors, and how many panels comprise the opening – a huge range of bespoke options
are available. 

The main draw of folding sliding doors is that they create around a 90% clear opening when all of the door panels have been folded open, providing an impressive feature to your room. This is achieved due to the panels stacking at 90° (perpendicular) from the frame. 

Opening options:  

  • Open inward, open outward
  • Number of total panels
  • Number of panels folding left or right
  • With traffic door

Total number of panels, 

Traffic door 

Think whether your bi-fold door will need to double-up as an entrance door. If it does, you will need to specify a ‘traffic’ door,
which operates as a normal entrance door, with the door ‘stack’ set to one side (left or right) when folded back. If you don’t need an
entrance door, you may want equal opening ‘stacks’ left and right, with no traditional exterior handle required, for a neater aesthetic.

Maximum panel width

Maximum panel width of a bifold door specify that a large space can be achieved with less panels.

is important Largest panel widths available in the market place of
1.5 metres, meaning the following configurations can
be achieved: 4.5 metres with 3 panels, 6m with 4 panels
and 7.5m with 5 panels. These huge panel widths will
look like sliding doors but with the flexibility of being
able to open the entire space


Two Panel Bifolding doors

2 Panel bifold door allows you to open the entire aperture with two folding panels. It is not possible to integrate a traffic door to a 2-panels bifold door. The possible opening configurations are as follows: panels open in or out, and panels stack left or right. 

The image is inside view of a 2 panels bifold door. Panels open in and stack right.


Three-panel bifolding doors


This option is when you prefer a traffic door on a bifold door


Four-Panel Bifolding Doors



Five Panel Bifolding Doors



Six Panel Bifolding Doors



Seven Panel Bifolding Doors