Reynaers CF 68 Aluminium Bifold Door

Reynaers CF 68 Bifold door combines design, comfort and space efficiency. Having high quality hinges, steel rollers, guides and other integral components, CF 68 bifold door combines thermal comfort and transparency. It offers double and triple glass options, four threshold solutions, every colours and finishes and more. 

Design and Profile Specifications

  • Visible width (frame-vent section): 100mm
  • Visible width (vent-vent section): 131mm
  • Overall system depth: 68mm

Maximum Sizes 

  • Maximum panel height is 2500mm
  • Maximum panel width is 1000mm
  • Up to 7 panels
  • Maximum weight per panel: 90kg

Opening configurations

  • Reynaers CF 68 folding doors offer all possible opening configurations using up to 7 door leaves.
  • All door panels can be stacked inward or outward.
  • All Reynaers CF 68 bifold doors are available with a traffic door option which allow you to use the first leaf as an entrance door.

Threshold Options

Reynaers CF 68 bifold doors are available in 4 different threshold solutions in order to perfectly match all comfort and aesthetic requirements.

Threshold options are as follows: 

  • Double weather seal (Standard threshold)
  • Low threshold
  • Flush threshold
  • High performance threshold

Each threshold option gives a trade-off between weather performance and ease of access. 

Colours and Finishes

  • Powder coating RAL colours.
  • Textured finishes
  • Anodized aluminium colours 
  • Dual colour option (different RAL colours for inside and outside)
  • Handles colours: Standard RAL colours, natural anodized colour

Glazing Options

  • Maximum glass thickness is 55 mm
  • Double and triple glass options

Thermal performance

  • The best overall U-value can be achieved: 1.1 W/m2.K (For a door measuring 4,000mm x 2,500mm with a Ug of 0.6 W/m2K)

Weather performance

  • Air permeability: Class 4 (Up to 600 Pa)
  • Wind load resistance: Class B3 (1200 Pa)
  • Water tightness: Class 9A (600Pa )

Safety and Security 

  • Reynaers CF 68 can comply with burglar resistance class 2 (RC 2) and also PAS 24 (Secured by Design) security levels.  
  • Multi-point locking mechanism

Operation performance

  • Stainless steel rollers
  • A wide range handle options 
  • Premium quality hinges holding up to 100 kg vents

10 Years Guarantee

  • A 10-year system guarantee 
  • A 5-year guarantee for accessories and moving parts

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