Aluminium Bifold Doors

It is a popular choice for modern and traditional homes and also commercial applications. Each panels can be up to 1.2 metres wide so, the whole door provide up to 3.6m wide glass aperture, and it provides about a 95% of clear opening when all panels are fully opened. 

Threshold and sill options

We offer a variety of threshold options for your project requirements. Each threshold type has a different performance level in terms of water/air-tightness and wind-resistance.

  • Standard (rebated) threshold: The standard threshold has an upstand (rebate) on one side and provides weather protection. When the bifold door is shut, the gaskets and door seal tightly against it.
  • Low threshold: It has a low upstand, so provides better accessibility but lower weather protection.
  • Flush (Zero) threshold: wheelchair-friendly but non-weathered.

Handle Options

We offer variety of handle options for the bifold doors to make sure the handles are easy to use, comfortable in the hand and strong enough to push and pull the doors:

  • Standard colour options for handles: Black, white, silver colour (silver, satin/brushed/polished chrome or anodized finish),
  • Handles available in any RAL colour same with the door frame colour,
  • Lever handles on the traffic or leading doors,
  • Pull handles (D handles) fitting to the hinges of the middle panels of the outward opening doors,
  • Flat handles or pop-out T-handles on middle panels to operate the shootbolt locking. .


A 3-panel aluminium bifold doors can be used in:

  • New residential buildings
  • Renovation and replacement projects
  • Commercial buildings such as restaurant, stores, offices to create a seamless transition between the inside and outside. 

Our product range for aluminium bifold doors 

We offer a variety of aluminium bifold doors that are designed to fit your project aesthetic and technical requirements. Each of them has different specifications. Select from one of the ranges below to view details about our bifold door systems: