Schüco AD UP 75 Aluminium Casement Doors

Excellent insulation properties combined with high stability – the Schüco AD UP 75 door system with a 75 mm basic depth offers high functional reliability. This door system meets all requirements in commercial and luxury residentail projects.

Schüco AD UP 75 door system guarantees functional reliability and long-term use for any application. AD UP 75 doors can be used as a stylish front doors or frequently used commercial or residential doors with large leaf dimensions.

Design and profile 

  • Schüco AD UP 75 systems are available in two system: 
  • AD UP 75 BL (Basic Line): has 2 gasket levels
  • AD UP 75: has 3 gasket levels.
  • Frame depth: 75mm
  • Flush door on both side 
  • Mehcanical durability tests up to 1 million cycles ensure a long service life
  • The door system is ideal for integration with door communication and access control systems.
  • Triple-shell profile construction with double insulation level and a rebate gasket system with two gasket levels ensure good thermal insulation and weathertightness properties


Maximum sizes

  • Schüco AD UP 75 casement doors are available up to 1400 mm in width and 3000 mm in height.
  • Maximum vent weight can be up to 200 kg. 

Opening types

Schüco AD UP 75 casement doors are available: 

  • Inward or outward opening
  • Single or double vent
  • Toplight and sideligt options
  • Can be used in facade  
  • Can be used as panel door for front entrances

Threshold solutions

Schüco AD UP 75 doors provides greater ease of use in comparison to conventional thresholds:  

  • Barrier-free ( ≤ 20mm) threshold: The low construction height of 20 mm fulfils the requirements of barrier-free building.
  • Zero-level threshold: Enables free transition from interior to exterior. 

Colour options

Schüco AD UP 75 doors are available in one of 250+ RAL colours and also anodised colours.

Glazing options

Maximum glass thickness for Schüco AD UP 75 door systems have 53 mm, so double and triple glasses can be used. 

Thermal performance

 Schueco AD UP 75 BLSchueco AD UP 75
Uf value≥ 1.9 W/(m²·K)≥ 1.6 W/(m²·K)
Ud valueDepending on frame, vent and glass combinations. Depending on frame, vent and glass combinations. 

Comfort performance

 Schueco AD UP 75 BLSchueco AD UP 75
Air permabilityClass 3Class 4
Water tightnessClass 5AE 750​
Wind load resistanceClass C2 / B2Class C3 / B3


Schüco AD UP 75 doors can comply with burglar resistance class  of RC2 and RC3. 


Concealed, surface mounted or barrel hinges options are available for these doors. 

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