Aluminium Communal Entrance Doors

Designed to withstand heavy traffic and allow easy access, aluminium communal doors are ideally suited for communal entrances to buildings with high traffic usage. 

Design and function 

  • Door profiles can be thermlly-broken or non-termal 
  • Hinged or pivot door options 

Opening configurations

  • Open inward or outward
  • Single or double door
  • With side or toplight 

Safety & Security

  • Compliance with PAS24 security level 
  • Options for RC2 or RC3 security levels  
  • Anti-finger trap option 

Hardware & Accesssories

  • Inside: Standard lever handle or pull handles
  • Outside: Usully pull handle in many different sizes and styles 
  • Letter plate on bottom frame 
  • Concealed shoot bolt for slave leaf
  • Door closers 

Linking to Access Control System 

  • The locking mechanism of the door can be lined to your existing access control system. Different options are available: Magnatic locks, electromechanical unlocking mechanism and electrical strikes. 
  • electromechanical locking mechanism can be used on the door. this electrical dook lock can be linked to your existing or new access control system to control the door. 
  • Magnatic locks: ‘Fail Open’ mechanism
  • Automatic opening: 

Integration with Curtain Walls

  • For large structural entrances, we design the door integrated with curtain wall system. 

Compliance with Building Regulations 

Application areas

  • Communal entrances of multi-flat apartment blocks  
  • Main entrance of commercial buildings such as business centres, offices, and shop fronts.  
  • Communal entrances of public buildings such as school, and hospitals

Our door range for communal entrances 

We offer a variety of aluminium doors that are designed to fit your project’s aesthetic and technical requirements for the communal entrances. Select from one of the ranges below to view details about our sliding door systems: