Aluminium Communal Entrance Doors

Designed to withstand heavy traffic and allow easy access, aluminium communal doors are ideally suited for communal entrances to buildings with high traffic usage.


  • Depending on your project requirements, aluminium communal entrance doors can be built with thermally broken or non-thermal aluminium profiles. 
  • It is designed for high traffic and consisting of an aluminium casement door or pivot hinged door and hardware for operation such as locks and closures. 
  • Different colour and finish options for profiles: standard powder coated, textured metallic finishes, anodizing finished, etc.

Size Limitations

  • The standard size for single casement doors is 1100 mm in width and 2300 mm in height.
  • The dimension of a large-size door vent can reach up to 1.4 metres in width and 3 metres in height. 
  • Depending on the hardware used, the door vent may weigh up to 150kg.

Opening options

  • Side-hinged outward opening (single or double door)
  • Side-hinged inward opening (single or double door)
  • Pivot-hinged outward opening (single or double door)
  • Pivot-hinged inward opening (single or double door)

Hardware and Accessories

  • Communal doors can be equipped with magnetic locks, electromechanical locks, or electrical strikes for automatic locking and unlocking. The locking mechanism of the communal entrance door can be linked to your existing access control system.
  • Depending on how it functions, the door can be equipped pull/push, knob or lever handles.

Glazing options

  • Communal entrance doors are usually glazed with double glass units consisting of toughened glass. 
  • For added security, one pane of double glass unit can be built as laminated. 
  • Fully or partly solid aluminium panels also can be used instead of glass.

Safety & Security Options

  • Aluminium communal entrance doors usully comes with standard multi-point locking systems.
  • Burglar resistance classes of RC2 or RC3 are also available as security options.
  • PAS24 security option for the doors to be installed on ground floors of the new buildings.
  • Restrictor can be used to limit the amount of door opening for safety.

Product range

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Buyer’s Guide to Aluminium Communal Entrance Doors

Aluminium communal entrance doors can be placed inside the aluminium curtain wall systems.

Internal aluminium communal entry doors don’t have to be thermally-broken.

Building Regulations for Communal Entrance Doors

All doors installed in buildings must comply with the Building Regulations and meet the specified requirements:

  • Doors to be installed in new or existing buildings must meet energy efficiency requirements contained in Approved Document L.
  • In new residential buildings, easily accessible doors are required to meet the security requirements specified in Approved Document Q.
  • Doors must comply with ventilation requirements specified in Approved Document F.
  • Glazing in critical locations must meet the safety requirements specified in Approved Document K.
  • The minimum clear opening for a communal entrance door in new residential buildings is 775 mm (Building Regulations Part M)
  • The communal entrance door in new residential buildings must have a zero threshold or a threshold no higher than 15mm (Building Regulations Part M)