Aluminium Exit Doors

Exit doors are designed to ensure the quick and easy exit from a building and equipped with exit hardware devices. Exit doors provide users of a building with a safe means of escape without compromising the security of the building by persons without authorisation.  It is essential that the doors can be opened easily so that everyone can leave safely. 

There are two types of exit doors: 

  • Panic exit doors (BS EN 1125)
  • Emergency exit doors (BS EN 179)

Panic exit doors (BS EN 1125)

Being equipped with panic exit devices, panic exit doors are operated by a horizontal bar for use on escape routes. They are called also fire exit doors, fire escape doors and panic door.  They should open in the direction of escape. 

Panic exit doors are used where:

  • members of the public have access to the building but may not be familiar with the exit routes such as hospitals, hotels, cinemas, and stadiums. 
  • Any building that has more than 60 people in it.

Emergency exit doors (BS EN 179)

Being equipped with emergency hardware, emergency exit doors operated by a lever handle or push pad, for use on escape routes. They should open in the direction of escape. 

Emergency exit doors are used in buildings that are not open to the general public and occupied only by staff or other persons who are familiar with the exit doors and have been trained in emergency escape procedures. Some applications are listed below: 

  • Private residential complexes
  • School classrooms
  • Non-public administration buildings or industrial companies
  • Non-public areas of administrative buildings
  • Non-public areas of airports, banks, shopping centres

Compliance with Building Regulations 

  • Thermal performance (U-value) (Compliance with Part L) 
  • PAS 24 compliance for ground floor doors (Compliance with Part Q)

Our product range for aluminium exit doors 

We offer a variety of aluminium panic exit or emergency exit doors that are designed to fit your project’s requirements. Each of them has different specifications. Select from one of the ranges below to view details about our sliding door systems: