Aluminium Hinged Front Doors

Operating smoothly and effortlessly, aluminium hinged doors provide convenient access to any space. These doors smoothly open and close thanks to their robust hinges attached to the door frame, providing a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas. With a simple push or pull of the handle, or a lever handle, aluminium hinged doors provide easy passage and maximum clear opening space.  

With their customizable design and finish options, aluminium hinged doors match any contemporary or traditional architectural style.


  • Thermally broken profiles as standard 
  • Depending on your project requirements, friction stays or butt hinges are used. 
  • Standard sized windows are made from slim frames. Large sized windows come with thicker frame options.
  • Many brands offer aluminium casement windows with versatility in frame design in terms of sight lines, appearance etc.

Maximum sizes

  • Standard sash sizes are up to 900mm at width and 1.5m at height. The sash may weigh up to 50kg. 
  • Large size sash sizes are up to 2m at height and 2mm at width. The sash may weigh up to 130kg.

Opening options

  • Side-hung outward
  • Side-hung with fixed light
  • Doube side-hung window (with mullion)
  • Double side-hung window (without mullion) (french window)

Safety & Security Options

  • Aluminium outward opening side-hung windows usully comes with standard multi-point locking systems.
  • Burglar resistance classes of RC2 or RC3 are also available as security options,
  • PAS24 security options for outward opening windows at ground floor
  • Restrictor can be used to limit the amount of opening of the side-hung windows for safety.


Aluminum hinged front doors are commonly used in residential buildings for several reasons:

  • Aluminium hinged front doors are an ideal selection for modern homes, thanks to their sleek appearance and contemporary aesthetic that harmonises with minimalist design principles.
  • Aluminium hinged doors are versatile enough to be designed in a classic style, making them a suitable match for the architectural aesthetics of old or historical buildings. With their resilience against harsh weather conditions, aluminium classic doors are increasingly preferred over timber alternatives for houses with classical architecture.
  • Being highly resistant to corrosion, making them low-maintenance and keeping them looking new. 
  • Offering a wide range of design options which allows homeowners to choose a door that complements the architectural style and aesthetic preferences of their home.
  • Equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms for enhanced security against potential intruders.
  • Having strong durability that allows aluminium front doors to withstand any weather conditions without corroding, rusting, or warping.

Product range

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Building Regulations for Front Doors

All doors installed in buildings must comply with the Building Regulations and meet the specified requirements:

  • Doors to be installed in new or existing buildings must meet energy efficiency requirements contained in Approved Document L.
  • In new residential buildings, easily accessible doors are required to meet the security requirements specified in Approved Document Q.
  • Doors must comply with ventilation requirements specified in Approved Document F.
  • Glazing in critical locations must meet the safety requirements specified in Approved Document K.