Aluminium Pivot Front Doors

With their unique design and functionality, aluminium pivot front doors bring a fresh perspective to modern entrances. You can create a stunning focal point for any space while ensuring maximum usability.. 

Design and aesthetic

  • Thermally broken profiles as standard 
  • Depending on your project requirements, friction stays or butt hinges are used. 
  • Standard sized windows are made from slim frames. Large sized windows come with thicker frame options.
  • Many brands offer aluminium casement windows with versatility in frame design in terms of sight lines, appearance etc.

Maximum sizes

  • For a standard size aluminium pivot front door, the width is 1200-1800mm, and the height is 2000-3000mm.
  • The pivot hinges are placed at 250-400mm from the side frame. So, for a width of 1200mm, the clear opening will be 900mm.

Opening options

  • Inward or outward opening options
  • Manual or automated operation

Safety & Security Options

  • Aluminium pivot front doors come with multi-point locking systems as standard.
  • Burglar resistance classes of RC2 or RC3 are also available as security options,
  • PAS24 security options for the front doors on the new residentail buildings.
  • Restrictor can be used to limit the amount of opening of the pivot doors for safety.


Aluminium front pivot doors are often used as main front entrance doors in residential buildings, making a bold statement and enhancing the modern aesthetics of contemporary homes.

Using pivot doors in residential buildings serves multiple purposes:

  • Modern style: The trend of using pivot doors in contemporary homes is on the rise, as they offer a sleek and modern appearance.
  • Classical style entrance: Thanks to its ability to be easily customised, any entrance in classical style can be created with aluminium pivot doors. 
  • Large opening: Aluminium front pivot doors are an excellent choice for large openings at the main access points due to their ability to accommodate expansive dimensions while maintaining structural integrity and ease of operation.  

Aluminium pivot door for front entrance of a home