Aluminium Side-Hung Windows – Outward Opening

Also known as the casement window, its sash is attached to the either side of the frame and opens out. Depending on the design requirements, friction stays or butt hinges are used for hinging the sash to the frame.


  • Aluminium side-hung windows are constructed from thermally broken profiles as standard. 
  • They come with a variety of outer frames and sash profiles to meet different size, design and aesthetic requirements.
  • Aluminium side-hung windows are constructed from usually slim profiles. For a standard-size window, the visible sightline (frame+sash) is between 60mm – 100mm. Large size side-hung windows are constructed with thicker profiles. 
  • Aluminium side-hung outward opening windows are usually constructed with concealed friction stays. Large-size windows constructed with visible butt hinges. 
  • Aluminium  side-hung outward opening windows offer versatility in frame and sash design, allowing for different sight lines and visual styles: standard, classic, steel-look, heritage style etc.
  • Different colour and finish options for profiles: standard powder coated, textured metallic finishes, anodizing finished, etc.

Opening options

  • Single side-hung outward opening (Single casement): Constructed with visible butt hinges 
  • Single side-guided outward opening (Single casement): Constructed with visible friction stays
  • Double side-hung outward opening (French casement): No mullion in the centre.

Safety & Security Options

  • Aluminium outward opening side-hung windows usully comes with standard multi-point locking systems.
  • Burglar resistance classes of RC2 or RC3 are also available as security options,
  • PAS24 security options for outward opening windows at ground floor
  • Restrictor can be used to limit the amount of opening of the side-hung windows for safety.

Compliance with Building Regulations

Any windows to be installed at your property is subject to building regulations:

  • Windows to be installed on the ground floor of new buildings must have PAS24 securilty level. (Part Q, Read More >> )
  • Windows to be installed at your property must comply with Approved Document L in terms of thermal performance ( Read More >> )
  • Windows must comply trickle vent requirements specified in Approved Document F (Read More >>)


Casement window is a traditional window type in the UK and is used in all types of buildings including historic or modern residential buildings and commercial buildings.  Being a most popular window type in the UK, casement windows  are commonly used for a variety of purposes:

  • Ideally suited for renovating old or historic buildings and for modern glass constructions.
  • New residential buildings: 
  • Replacement: Outward opening windows type is a traditional opening style for existing buildings. 
  • Fire escape: Side-hung outward opening windows can be used as fire-escape windows.

Product range

Reynaers SL 68 Aluminium Window

Schüco AWS 70 SC Aluminium Windows

Aluminium slimline side-hung outward opening window, inside view

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