Aluminium Top-Hung Window

Operated with a handle at the bottom, attached to the window frame at the top with hinges or friction stays, top-hung aluminium windows offer saved space inside, maximum daylight, enough ventilation, and easy operation. This window is popular with new builds and incredibly easy to operate.


Top-hung aluminium windows are suitable for any type of residential or commerical buildings. Some common applications are listed below: 

  • Top-hung windows are ideal solutions for your residential buildings if you have little space to open windows horizontally. 
  • Top-hung windows are often used as ventilation windows placed over larger windows. 
  • In commercial buildings where high level windows are to be remote operated and where there is no requirement for internal cleaning or reglazing.
  • If the windows over kitchen sink don’t have much space to open inward, a top-hung or side-hung window opening outward can be an option. 
  • For single storey buildings or high level balcony locations where cleaning can be carried out from within the building, top-hung projecting windows can be an option 

Our range of top-hung aluminium windows

We offer a variety of aluminium top-hung aluminium windows that are designed to fit your project aesthetic and technical requirements. Each of them has different specifications. Select from one of the ranges below to view details about our sliding door systems: