Choosing the right threshold for your aluminium sliding door


When choosing a new sliding door for your project, you also have to give much importance what type of threhsold you need. 


When thinking about your new sliding doors, you may not have given much thought to the threshold you’d like to achieve.

It vital point that you have to ensure that the threshold of the sliding door is designed to your project requirements. 

A choice of threshold options, which can be combined with various sill configurations, let you find the ideal solution for your requirements.


selection criteria 

functional purpose.

  • Weather porformance 
  • Accessibility

Low threshold 


Flush threshold 

The doors having a low or flush threshold option connects your inside and outside spaces.  Your internal flooring meets the threshold on the inside face and your decking and slabs outside. 

Choosing to have a flush threshold provides you with step-free access between your indoor and outdoor spaces, that means no step up or down between outside and inside.