Colour and Finish Options for Steel Doors and Windows


There was a time when homeowners used to shy away from having steel windows and doors in their homes, because of the popular belief that it is hefty and unaesthetic. But they are quickly becoming a popular choice amongst architects and builders and homeowners because of the numerous benefits they have to offer. They are engineered to deliver superior performance, with insulation, weather-proofing, security and longevity. And with innovative technological advancements, steel windows and doors can be elegantly crafted to personify your style and panache. Today there is an array of anodised and powder coated colour options and finishes to choose from. The steel windows and doors can be matched with hardwares that make the best fit, add to the detail and complete the look.

While choosing a colour for your steel door or window might seem like a simple task, there are factors that you need to consider before making your choice. The colour you choose for the steel frame should complement the style and decor of your home. Understand whether the tone is traditional or modern and if you want a colour that is string and contrast or something that blends with the walls. You can choose between bold and neutral colours. Besides the ambience, it’s also smart to consider the environment and surroundings and choose between mid-tones and dark-tones. Decide on colours that will harmonize with both the exterior and the interior of the house.


  • Galvanized steel (come in any PPC RAL colours)
  • Corten steel 
  • Stainless steel (with options of powder coating, brushed , or polished)
  • Architectural bronze (with options of patinated, brushed or polished)


Powder coating RAL colour options

The colour matching system widely followed in Europe is RAL. It is the standard that is followed for paints, varnishes and powdercoating. A RAL powder coating is a desirable option for your steel doors and windows as it provides protection from corrosion and weatherability. It also makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Powder coating and anodizing technologies ensure that there are hundreds of colours available to choose from. Compare different swatches of colours and choose a color that goes well with your decor. They are high-quality, weather-proof, resistant to outer elements and are not prone to fading, making it long lasting. These days paints, powders and polishes are all available in non-volatile compounds. They are organic and eco-friendly. Also, they don’t contain toxic materials.

These RAL colours are available in glossy, matte, textured and also include metallic options. Finishing is an integral part for all metal doors and windows, including steel. The liberty to choose from the wide range of colours, styles and finishes, makes steel windows and doors a versatile choice and a solution for all requirements.

Popular finishes for steel windows and doors

bare metal finish 


Wood grain finish 


Bare metal finishes

Hot-dip galvanization gives steel the strength and extra protection making it highly durable. This zinc surface also gives it a desirable surface that absorbs the paint and prevents peeling. Burnishing steel frames with its metal counterparts like brass, bronze, copper, zinc or cast iron can give the doors a rustic look and can add to its character. Combine it with matching fixtures and fitting for a luxurious look.

You can opt for different metal finishes for your steel framed doors and windows, but the most common metallic finishes are antiqued, brushed, hammered, polished and satin.

Galvanized steel 


Corten steel (Weathered steel)


Stainless steel 

Brushed, polished or sandblasted


Raw finish 

Clear coat gloss, clear coat matte, clear coat semi-transparent with any tone



Give your windows and doors a personality and set them apart by opting for different textures and finishes. With new technologies, steel frames can feature unique patinas that give it a sense of age and subtle irregularity. This again comes in a wide selection of colours. The blend of the colour and texture give the steel doors and windows a certain warmth and richness.

Wood grain finish

Showcase the beauty of timber and enjoy the performance of steel with wood grain finished steel doors and windows. With the innovative process of sublimation we can get an array of textures in different palettes of colours. Unlike real wood, wood finished windows are not susceptible to rotting or warping.

Steel Lacquering


Popular colours for steel windows and doors

Trend colour options are as follows: 

  • Anthracite grey (RAL 7016)
  • Black grey (RAL 7021)
  • Signal black (RAL 9004)
  • Jet black (RAL 9005)
  • Pure white (9010) 

All RAL colour options come in matte or satin finish.  

Matte black

Matte black steel windows and doors are a timeless addition to your homes. They go well with sober exteriors as well as bold interiors, and fit both the classic and modern decors.

Satin white

White windows and doors are a classic. They just blend in with decor. They are exquisite and elegant and brighten up homes.

Dual colour options are slowly becoming popular. They sport a different colour on the exterior and interior sides.


Steel windows and doors offer the highest level of performance along with good looks. They are strong and durable and need low maintenance, however regular cleaning and caring ensures protection. Using soft sponges and clothes with diluted non-abrasive solutions can ensure clean windows that don’t affect the frame, colour or finish. Cleaning should be regular to make sure that they look attractive and function smoothly for years to come. Mild detergent can be used to clean fixtures and hardwares, followed by drying with a soft cloth.


You can customize the look of your steel framed doors and windows, by selecting different colours and textures and finishes and different processes like powder coating and anodizing. The pricing depends on the materials and application process that you opt for. When you choose the best in quality for materials and technology, you get the value for money, with high functionality steel doors and windows with uncompromising good looks.

Steel doors and windows come with a complete system of hardware and fixtures. They also come in a wide selection to highlight and add character to the door that bears them. Choose between the expansive selection of colours and finishes and process to find the perfect doors and windows that completes the look of your home. They can mimic the surrounding and blend with the interior, or contrast the decor and boldly stand out. There are no limitations in opportunities to decorate your home as you please.