Design Flexibility in Steel Windows and Doors




Steel windows and doors are repeatedly sought after by architects and builders around the world, because of their incredible properties like strength and durability. These natural properties of steel play an important role in its design flexibility. Steel windows and doors bring quality, functionality and beauty to any project or property. No other material can replicate the aesthetic qualities that steel can achieve. High-end, contemporary properties these days proudly display steel windows and doors. Steel windows and doors have become the intelligent building choice among homeowners.

Steel is strong and robust. It is three times stronger than aluminum. This strength added with style gives steel an innumerable amount of design potential. Steel windows and doors contribute to the curb appeal and complement modern, contemporary and classic styles as well.
Because of the vast design possibilities steel offers, it is commonly offered as a bespoke solution for exterior and interior windows and doors.

Design advantages of steel

Steel is the perfect combination of strength and beauty. It is versatile and can be the solution for even the most challenging of homes. They are engineered to deliver the highest level of performance and crafted to be visually appealing. They can be customized to suit your design requirements and practical needs. Steel offers flexibility in all aspects of window designing, manufacturing processes, metal work and finishes as well.

Narrow sightlines

Steel windows and doors offer a combination of strength and beauty. With the slimmest of frames like no other material, steel doors and windows can hold large expanses of glass and glazing in unlimited scales, shapes and configurations. It is engineered for strength and crafted for elegance. With narrow sightlines steel windows and doors offer views with minimum obstruction.

Minimalist elegance

The simple and pure design of sleek frames and clear panes of glass has a timeless aesthetic appeal. Steel windows and doors can have clean-cut, uncomplicated designs with little to no detailings and look extremely sophisticated and modern. This stunning, minimal elegance adds an instant sense of luxury to the property.

Floor to ceiling windows and doors

While steel is known for providing space-efficient solutions, it’s floor to ceiling doors and windows are extremely popular. With modern homes leaning towards minimalism, there are fewer interior walls and there are plenty of opportunities for the large windows to be set on the exterior walls to bring in abundance of natural light. The beauty and simplicity of the floor to ceiling frames with vast openings and clear view with natural daylight admission is just phenomenal.

Industrial appeal

One of the main appeals of steel windows and doors is the industrial feel they exude. It is extremely chic and modern and it can transform any decor. Industrial-style windows and doors are practical. Whether they are set on the interior or exterior, they give a spacious feel and make the maximum use of natural light. This creates a seamless transition between the indoor and the outdoor.


Windows and doors have a huge impact on the architectural design. So depending on the design, decor and technical requirements, steel windows and doors can be customized to fit your needs. There are an array of steel layout and profile types. You can choose from a wide range of opening methods – hinged doors, sliding doors, folding doors. Steel can accommodate space-efficient solutions and openings like casements, awnings, hoppers, tilt-turn, French, etc.

Colours and finishes

When choosing the colour and finishing for your steel doors and windows, there is a plethora of opportunities to explore from. Steel can be subjected to pretreatments like topcoats and galvanizing. There are plenty of colour and finish options too, whether it is polish, enamels or powder coating. You can choose from a range of textural and colored options to fit the decor and design elements of your home.


Steel’s strength allows even the slimmest of frames to hold the largest, single pane of glass, compared to other materials like vinyl, aluminium or timber. It can hold glass thicknesses ranging between ⅛” to 1-¼”. You can opt from laminated, leaded or insulated glasses.


There are an unlimited variety of handles, operators, locking systems and closing devices. And steel windows and doors are versatile enough to accept any style and any type of hardware and fixture that suits the decor.

Steel windows and doors are not a new addition in buildings and constructions. They have been adorning buildings since the 18th century. But in recent times, with the introduction of innovative technologies, steel is able to achieve new possibilities. Enhanced strength, long life, superior performance, thermal barrier, energy efficiency, are some of the advantages that steel windows and doors offer. All these with no compromise in beauty. Therefore, steel doors and windows are more popular now than ever before because of their high-functionality, durability, distinctive good looks and design flexibility.


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