Double Track Steel Sliding Doors

Allowing a combination of 2, 3 or 4 identical door panels that slide horizontally on double tracks to the left or right, a double track sliding door offers you upto 50% clear opening. 

Opening options for 2-rail sliding door

  • XQ: Two-panels, One sliding, 1 fixed panel ( Provides a 50% Clear opening ) 
  • XX: Two-panels, Two sliding panels ( Provides a 50% Clear opening on both side ) 

Application areas

  • New residential buildings
  • Renovation and replacement projects
  • Commercial buildings
  • Historic restorations, listed buildings

Compliance with Building Regulations 

  • Thermal performance (U-value) (Compliance with Part L) 
  • PAS 24 compliance for ground floor doors (Compliance with Part Q)

Our range of steel sliding doors

We offer a variety of side steel sliding that are designed to fit your project aesthetic and technical requirements. Select from one of the ranges below to view details: