Forster Presto XS for Interior Doors and Wall Partitions

The Forster Presto XS system is a non-insulated slim steel profile system and is designed for interior doors and wall partitions. The system is suitable for dividing rooms in an elegant way and to allow high transparency.

Forster presto XS system system can be used for for a wide range of interior applications such as separating the entrance hall from the living space, the kitchen from the dining area, or the home office from the living room, without compromising on the generous space. 

Design and functionality

  • Non-insulated steel profile
  • Narrow face widths: door leaf with frame from 45 mm; fixed glazings from 23 mm
  • Frame depth: 50mm
  • Visible face width for fixed glazing: 25 mm 
  • Visible width for door leaf: 43 mm
  • Door meeting stile design 66 mm
  • Flush and offset doors can be produced

Material option 

  • Cold rolled steel 

Maximum sizes 

  • Door leaf sizes up to 900 x 2400 mm
  • Leaf height up to 2400 mm
  • Leaf width between 400–1200 mm
  • Fixed glazing height up to 3000 mm
  • Max. panel size for a fixed glazing 2800 × 2500 mm

Opening types 

Forster Presto XS system is available as:

  • Window-door: single and double-leaf, with sidelight and toplight
  • Fixed partitions 


  • Welded hinges with ball bearings

Application fields

Forster Presto XS system is suitable for use wherever there are no special thermal insulation requirements. 

  • Room divider in the interior such as interior doors and wall partitions 
  • New and renovation projects
  • Modern interior design projects
  • Protected historic buildings

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