Frameless Structural Glass Roofs


 Attractive glazed roofs could be achieved by enlarging the range and size of the glass panels, or by reducing the number of their supporting points.

A narrow silicone joint is the only visible line between the insulation glass panes.

The solution is to create a glass roof that provides light into the building. 

You can think a glass rooflight over an internal space provides light into the space you live in. 


Depending on the roof shape and size, structural glass roof can be constructed by using various methods such as strengthening interlayers and shaped glass beams. Glass beams supporting roof will create a clearer, frameless glass roof.  

Glass fins 

triple laminate glass beams is used to support the glass roof.  


Glass Options 

Single double or triple glass options are available. The thickness of this glass will vary depending on the size and structure.

  • Laminated glass 
  • Toughened glass: heat soaked toughened to allow for wind pressure.
  • Self cleaning 
  • Solar control glass Sun protection 
  • Clear glass, tinted glass or sandblasted glass for a diffuse light, visual obscurity and to provide a non slip surface if required
  • Low iron glass:  low iron glass in the glass beams to reduce green tints to these thick structural glass components.

Thermal performance 

Thermal performance of the glass roofs specify how warm your house is in winter and cool during the hotter months. 

ensure temperature comfort

Building Regulations

Any glazing system should meet the latest Part L Building Regulations. 

Structural Glass Roof Price

Structural glass systems need detailed engineering design and special glass type. So they cost more than aluminium framed roof systems. The cost depending on glass panel size, glass type, opening elements used and installation difficulties. 

Alternatives of Structural Glass Roofs: Framed Glass Roofs

Alternative to structural glass roof is framed roofing sytems such as aluminium or steel framed roofs. 

Aluminium framed roof systems 

Steel framed roof systems