Guardian Glass Range


Guardian Glass is a leading manufacturer of high performance architectural glass and a key supplier to the building industry. 

Guardian Glass offers a comprehensive range of glass solutions for indoor and outdoor signage and displays.

  • SN 29/18: For roof glazing and areas with a high exposure to the sun, 29% light transmission, 18% solar factor
  • SN 40/23: Neutral blue exterior appearance, 40% light transmission, 23% solar factor
  • SN 51: Neutral exterior appearance, 50.7% light transmission, 27.4% solar factor
  • SN 70/35: Neutral exterior apperance with 70% light transmission, 35% solar heat gain
  • SN 70/37: Neutral exterior appearance, 70% light transmission, 37% solar factor. Click here for details >>
  • SN 75: Neutral exterior appearance, 72.9% light transmission, 40% solar factor
  • SN 75 HT or Ultra HT: 
  • SN 63: Neutral exterior appearance, 62.6% light transmission, 33.3% solar factor


SunGuard® SuperNeutral™ products

SunGuard® SuperNeutral™ glass is ideal for those seeking high-performance with a highly neutral aesthetic. Its superb natural light transmission, solar protection and thermal insulation make it ideal for a wide range of applications. 

 U-value (W/Light Transmittance (τv)Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 
SN 30T     
SN 40T     
SN 50T    
SN 60T    
SN 66T    
SN 70T    

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Guardian SunGuard® SN 75 HT and SN 75 Ultra HT

offers, respectively, a light transmission of 75% and 76%, which is 5% and 6% higher than other coated glass products from the Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral range. This high light transmission supports building owners, architects and designers in their effort to effectively introduce more natural daylighting into their projects.