Buying Guide to Timber Windows

The timber windows are indeed worthy of elevating the worth of either construction or a remodeling project. For the period homes, the timber windows are ideal. The market is filled to the brim with varied timbers and finishes, and so the property owners can have taken out some time and check out the window styles and designs to achieve the desired look.

You might indulge yourself to create a personal modern classic, renovate your Georgian villa or change the outlook of your country cottage – the timber windows are the safest bet. Considering the timber windows will be fruitful as you can make a choice for glazing and opening to complement your entire home. At the same time, the timber windows are superior for furnishing your property with various benefits.

Maintenance + Sustainability

All the timber windows are given energy ratings on an A+ to E scale. A+ rightly deserves the top end. Through this scoring system, you can decide your selection. 

As per the present Building Regulation, the windows for new houses and buildings should have U-value, that is thermal transmittance (efficiency measurement) of within 2.0 W/m2K. Being a natural insulator, timber easily meets this particular requirement when it is specified next to the right glass.

As goes by the guiding principle, the factory-finished timber windows done with the opaque coating will not need any repainting till a decade.

Compared to the dark finishes, the lighter colors are long-lasting, since they facilitate stronger protection against UV rays. The weather aspects and weather conditions create an impact – like when the windows are south-facing, then they will need quicker re-coating compared to the rest since they are highly exposed to the sun.

Decisions for Designs

An authentic period-style home needs timber windows without fail. For the Victorian and Gregorian houses, choosing the sliding sashes will be a wise decision. They are known to feature two independent units moving up and down for the opening. A few modern interpretations permit the sashes’ top and bottom for inward tilt separation so they are cleaned easily from their insides.

Two designs like the outward opening casement and tilt and turn inward opening windows are the perfect choice for contemporary houses. While the outward opening casements can be hinged in different ways to befit the safety and beauty, they can be chosen for either top swing, top hung and side hung. On the other hand, the tilt and turn for the inward opening windows, twisting the handle can help in tipping the window inwards from the ventilation’s top.

When you need to buy the timber windows, then consider the buying guide, we are sharing here.

Decide on Your Budget

The expertly manufacture timber windows add immense value to the home, and along with security and insulation, the overall kerb appeal transformation plays its role to define the space.  Upgrading the total house indicates considerable investment is a necessity.

Choosing A Style

The property’s age and style decide the timber windows. The architecture dictates the charm and character of the property as well as of the windows. You have many choices to select from the casement, tilt and turn, sash, and shaped windows. After selecting the style, then it is time to choose the color from a wide range of choices.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency ratings help in choosing the apt windows. Insulation has undergone technological innovation, and that is how timber windows are the safest choices.

Security Matters

As they have advanced security locks and being accredited maximum security is a guarantee. New windows will have key locking handles.

Consult a Reputed Supplier

Talk to the suppliers in compliance with the  British standards and offers insurance-backed guarantees. The installer must be FENSA approved.


The professionals take care to install insured installation services with detailed finishes.

The timber must be sourced from certified sources, and it is necessary to ascertain the matter. So, checking the PEFC and FSC specifications is a huge necessity.

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