How Can You Rightly Choose the Timber Bi-fold Doors?




Beyond any doubts, timber is the renowned base material for the bi-fold doors, while a few manufacturers often offer the likelihood of materials hybridism comprising of aluminum on the outer face, and timber on its internal side. The timber bifold doors need regular maintenance, and these are the traditional designs at large. There are seals on the timber bifold doors, and they tend to expand and contract if maintenance is not done properly. Moisture and heat play a dominant role in this expansion and contraction.

For the timber bifold doors, the thermal performance must be around 1.4W/m2kK. Something, that you have to be careful in selecting the timber bi-fold doors manufactured in the apt way that it exceeds the energy efficiency rates as stated by the British Trade Standards, along with maximized noise exclusion.

The Factors Influencing the Choice for Timber Bifold Doors

Along with the material choice, opening types, and sizes, the four essential influential factors are the finishes, frame thickness, cost, and material density.


You can prefer any color since it is possible to paint timber of your own choice color. Coating the timber in aluminum is possible. Now coating the timber bifold doors in aluminum is somewhat costly, but it maintains the strength and durability for extended years to come.

Timber Bi-fold Frame Thickness

 Compared to PVCu, timber is indeed thinner. At the same time, timber is not as thin as aluminum. When installed as the south-facing door, it will be severely affected by the sun’s rays.  That is why they will need regular maintenance of the timber to retain its shine.

The Ideal Bifold Door Material

Any stain or color is just as ideal for finishing the timber. Since, timber is not that thin as aluminum is, so it is bound to be maintained on a frequent basis.

Cost of the Bifold Doors

The timber varies in price, and this comparison is based on the size of the bifold doors. On the other hand, PVCu is about half the price. The installation costs even decide the variation in prices.

A Few Tips Making it Clear To Selectively Choose The Timber Bifold Doors

Tip 1

The panels’ size and count making up the doors are the critical factors determining the choice. When a new home is under construction, then you have to get the right side of the door and then go ahead in accordance with door opening construction.

But if the home is being renovated, then a fitting panel is necessary for the prevailing door opening. So, the existing doors’ measurements should be taken and then the replacement door must be bought.

Tip 2

 The timber bifold doors have many configurations, that determine the opening and folding of the door panels. Although the option with these specific configuration types may not be available for the bifold doors yet the space requirements and room arrangements mostly determines the configurations.

Tip 3

In your free will, you might want the doors adjusted with glass, but be sure about the glazing. The glazing process and finish are vital, and the market is offering varied options that you can select according to the suitability of your rooms.

The factors like privacy, appearance, thermal insulation as well as strength must be considered at the time of glazing option selection.

If the timber wood looks always impressed and fascinate you, but you are in doubt about their functionality in your rooms, then for your information, you will be glad to know these timber bifold doors will be working virtually in any space.

These are just ideal to join the indoor and outdoor entertaining zones, keep the clutters hidden along with the messy kids’ wardrobes, keep the laundry areas blocked at the times when guests visit.

 The Vital Options for the Bifolding Door Configurations

  • The total count of door panels
  • The directions in which the doors open
  • If all the panels are opening in the same way or not.
  • A master door is configured in such a way for one door panel to operate independently for serving as the master door. Then, this independent door panel is treated as the conventional back door, so that going in and out is easier, without having to completely open the bifold.
  • Outward and inward opening panels – basically space-dependent as many people choose the outward opening configurations since, there is more space outside, thus ensuring the doors do not drip inside when opened post rainfall.
  • There are even open corner configurations.
  • Low threshold, non-weathered and weathered thresholds.

The timber bifold door provides natural light and warmth to homes.  When you energizing your living space and creating seamless entertainment or dining areas, then the timber bi-fold doors integrated into indoor and outdoor areas with virtuous styles, define the overall space.


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