How much do aluminium windows cost?




Aluminium windows are the second most expensive material choice for windows where timber or wooden windows being the most expensive. It is not possible to give a fixed price for aluminium windows because the cost depends upon several factors. Apart from size, type, glazing, etc, business factors also affect the price paid by you for the aluminium window.

Business factors like profit margins, material cost, discounts and more cause an increase or decrease in the overall price that you pay. Installing aluminium windows may seem an expensive investment but it is worth every penny for all the benefits nonetheless.

What affects the price of aluminium windows?

A long list of factors compiled below affect the price of aluminium windows.

Factors related to frame profiles:

  • Size of the window: The price of aluminium windows rises with the increase in the size of the windows. Aluminium being a strong material provides a wide range of sizes from small to large for the doors and windows.
  • Design of the window frame: A simpler design costs less and if you choose a more complex window design, the price is likely to increase. Slimline windows are generally more expensive.
  • Type of window opening: Simpler the window system, lower the cost. Fixed sash windows are among the least expensive options. French window, tilt and turn windows are on the higher side of the price range. In comparison, a side-hung window is cheaper than a tilt-hung and a french window costs more than a single casement window.
  • Weather performance and thermal efficiency: Windows that perform better in weather tightness tests are likely to cost more than those that perform poorly. A weathertight aluminium window is always the right choice. Aluminium windows allow heat loss and gain as per change in weather but some aluminium windows are thermally improved for
    slow and lesser heat transfer. This is a valuable addition that comes with added cost.
  • The number of windows: Buying aluminium windows in bulk or large numbers can help you decrease the price per window. Since aluminium price is custom based, an increase in the number of windows affects the material cost, wastage and transportation.

Factors related to accessories:

  • Glazing type in the window: Single pane is common in cheaper aluminium windows where the general practice is to use a dual-pane. Double laminated or lower u-value double glass is more expensive than normal dual-pane followed by triple glazing aluminium windows. Special glasses like tinted, impact-resistant and others come with their unique pricing. 
  • The hardware of the window: The cost of the hardware for aluminium windows depends on their style or performance or both. More costly hardware effectively increases the overall cost of your window. Comfortable handles are generally more expensive. 
  • Colour of the window frames: Clear coated or bare aluminium frames are the most affordable option, followed by a white coating. Non-standard colour demands and dual-tone increase the price of your window.
  • Window sill: The addition of the window sill increases the cost.
  • Security systems: Multi-point locking is a standard system in aluminium windows. Some windows are compliant with PAS24, RC, or other security standards which increases the overall cost of the window.

The price range of aluminium windows

The aluminium windows price depends on quality level. 

Price of low-end aluminium

These are the cheapest aluminium windows types. The cost of aluminium windows on the lower end starts from £340 – £350. This increases with the increase in size or change in the type of window.

Average quality aluminium windows

Aluminium windows vary greatly in price and that is also reflected in the advantages that they offer. The average cost of aluminium windows is somewhere around £475.

High-end aluminium windows

High-end aluminium windows offer great benefits and come with added features. Top-end designs cost around £600 and some may go even higher depending on window type, size and desired accessories.

Cost of installation

The cost of window installation depends on the following factors

  • Fresh vs Replacement Windows: Labor cost is lesser for installing new windows as compared to the replacement windows. Therefore installation cost for a replacement window is higher than a new one.
  • Self-installation vs Professional Installation: If you are competent in installing the windows yourself, it may save you a significant amount of money. However, most window manufacturers offer installation in a package deal along with windows.

It is however recommended to involve professionals for window installation. Comparing local and national installers is a great way to get highly competitive prices.

Guarantee and warranty

Most companies offer a minimum of a 5-year warranty on accessory units and a 10-year warranty on profiles. Powder-coated aluminium is likely to bring with it a 25-year warranty. Finishes such as anodised or painting generally have a limited, 3-year warranty. Most companies do not offer any guarantees in installation if the installation work is carried out by a third party.

Price balance: needs, quality and budget

To keep things easier, you must begin with having an ideal window in mind. This way you will be able to compare apples to apples and know the best price for a window that you need with all the specifications. It also makes you confident about hidden costs for added features. In case you are not sure of the window you need, it is safe to start comparing the prices for double glazed aluminium windows and understand what your local or national installers have to offer.

Do not expect a price range similar to that of PVCu windows because aluminium comes with multiple advantages and therefore you must be prepared to pay a 35-50% higher price for aluminium. A company that deals largely in aluminium will be able to offer you high-quality windows for affordable prices.


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