How to choose aluminium windows for your home?




Proper selection of doors and windows for your homes is a crucial exercise as this has major effects on your comfort and lifestyle. Apart from being the functional components of your house, doors and windows provide the aesthetic tone to your spaces. But it is not an easy task to select the perfect material, design and type for your requirements. Aluminium has become a preferred choice for construction material in recent times. For their slick look, low maintenance and better durability, aluminium windows are popular among all property owners.

Aluminium windows

Durability and affordability have earned aluminium a great reputation as an industrial material for a long time now. Recently, aluminium has become one of the modern materials for doors and windows. Traditional materials like wood and PVC are being replaced by aluminium for their higher durability and strength, also lower cost and maintenance. But selecting the right aluminium door and window is not easy, especially if you are unaware of what to look for before making a choice.

Why choose aluminium windows?

  • For durability: Aluminium windows offer a high durability quotient because of surface treatments which makes these windows highly weather resistant. Durability is a consequence of resistance to rust and
    corrosion. Aluminium can easily handle harsh weather conditions and is a great choice for areas
    that are prone to high winds. Warping, rotting and discolourations are not the complaints that
    one is likely to have with aluminium windows. For their durability alone, aluminium windows are
    a catch.
  • For strength: Strength is another feature of aluminium. Its high strength to weight ratio makes it difficult to make a dent in it. It is also low in density, due to which making strong but slender frames is possible in aluminium windows. Multi-point shoot-bolt locking mechanism is a feature of aluminium windows, making it a wise option for security.
  • For energy efficiency: Aluminium windows offer great insulation after the advent of thermal break technology. Heat transfer can be easily controlled when these windows are paired with an energy-efficient glass or a low-E glass. 
  • For ease of maintenance: There is almost no maintenance cost and effort in handling aluminium windows. A routine wipe with a cleaning agent using a cloth is sufficient to keep it well and free of any deform for years to come.
  • For environment: If you want to make earth-friendly choices then make aluminium your material for doors and windows. Aluminium is a recyclable and toxic free material. Recycling aluminium does not consume high amounts of energy either. Material is 100% recyclable and only takes 5% of the energy that was used in manufacturing it.

Types of aluminium windows

  • Aluminium Sliding Windows: A space-efficient option is a sliding window that consists of two sashes running on a slider leading to back and forth motion. These windows also offer good ventilation.
  • Aluminium Tilt-and-Turn Window: This advanced window demonstrates intelligent use of design and technology. The sash can be used as a regular window or partially opened by tilting from the top.
  • Aluminium French Window: French windows are casement windows with side hinges, designed to open either inwards or outwards. French windows are a great choice for security reasons as they are equipped with multi-point lock systems for high-level security.
  • Aluminium top-hung Windows: As the name suggests, the sash of these windows are hung from the top of the casement with the help of a hinge and the window opens outwards.
  • Aluminium Fixed Windows: Fixed windows have no movable part and are used in spaces where there is no requirement for ventilation and ample amounts of sunlight are allowed inside. Are usually placed higher than other windows and are good for spaces like stairways, living rooms, etc.

What to consider before buying aluminium windows?

To make the correct choice it is imperative to consider certain aspects of a window. Listed below
are parameters to make the right judgement.

  • Quality: Checking the overall composition of the window is important to ensure its quality. Finishing used
    on the window frame and the certifications it received are important points to notice and
    consider before making a purchase.
  • Design: Designs with large glass panes and sleek frames are well accepted and desired currently and aluminium allows you to create designs without compromising on the aesthetics as narrower frames are available in aluminium windows. Make sure you are aware of the look and tone you are going for in your home before you begin your search for the perfect window. It is likely to get chaotic otherwise because the range of options available is too many. Different finishes, types, sizes and colours are available in the market but before any of that consider your requirements from the window in terms of aesthetics, functionality and preferences.
  • Security: The strength of aluminium is not questionable but you need to review if the manufacturer aligns with the British and European security standards. If security is your primary concern then look for aluminium windows with Secured by Design accreditation, a certification of the most rigorous security measures.
  • Budget: Better quality, better designs and tight security come with a higher price but it is a worthwhile investment. Look out for quotes that include all your requirements and fit within your acceptable budget limit. But do not forget to consider the cost of installation.


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