How to Choose the Best Quality Aluminium Bifold Doors?




Aluminium bifold doors are becoming an essential commodity between Homeowners, Architects and Designers for all the right reasons! The best quality door will not only give aesthetic value to your house but also remains steadfast and durable for a long period. Aluminium bifold doors are the best way to allow a good amount of natural light to enter your interiors. Installing these doors helps make the space look bigger and better.

The advantages of an Aluminium Bifold door are endless, not surprising that they are on the wishlist of many homeowners. The only con that the Aluminium bifold doors have is that you have a variety of options to choose from. Aluminium bifold doors come in so many sizes, colours and configurations that you can get spoilt easily for choice. But, worry not with Now, you get all the assistance needed to find your perfectly fitted bi-fold doors. We have an excellent team of employers who can make your selection journey smooth and hassle-free.

Now that we know about the Aluminium Bifold doors qualities let’s dive into some of the important factors which you should consider while buying.

Choosing the right opening configuration for the bifold door

There are several options to choose from for the opening of the bifold doors. Check the size of your opening first before you visit the store for your
convenience. Here are 5 types of opening configuration for all sizes of opening –

  • 2 Panels Aluminium Bifold Doors: These doors are mostly used where you have an option of a 2-way opening door or a large french window. Generally, homeowners who have limited space options can go for these 2 panelled door openings as it gives you a view and some privacy whenever needed.
  • 3 Panel Aluminium Bifold Doors: This is also a popular choice between the homeowners as it provides a large full-size opening. These doors have 3 panels which can be open from the right side as well as from the left side.
  • Panel Aluminium Bifold Doors: If you have a large opening in your space, you can easily opt for a 4-panel door. Wherein you can go for all the panels sliding towards the left or the right, You can also opt for 1 panel hinged for the traffic movement and the other 3 panels can be opened at the other end.
  • Panel Aluminium Bifold Doors: 5-panel bifold doors are again a great option for larger spaces. The door panel again can be opened on the right as well as on the left. Although a popular choice is to go with the split arrangement of 3-2 design, where 3 panels could be opened on 1 side and 2 panels could be opened on the other side. With this, you can control the opening size as per the traffic flow in your house.
  • 6 & 7 Panel Aluminium Bifold Doors: In this Panelled door opening, you can choose to open 3 or 4 panels on one side and the other panels on the other side. You can also open 2 panels which are in the centre for the traffic flow as other panels act as a glass wall. You can always call one of the Now team who will assist you in making the correct decision, on where to place a traffic door, how many panes to have and their opening style.

Thermal Efficiency of Aluminium Bifold Door

The best bifold doors available in the market are Aluminium bifold doors. Aluminium as a single material is not very great for thermal efficiency but when
comes in contact with other materials and finishes, it becomes the best option to buy. A good thermal efficiency rate is needed for every household to stay away from the harsh climate. Here are some factors to consider while buying –
U -Factor U – factor tells how safe it is to use the Aluminium Bifold doors and how effectively the material insulates the interiors. This U-factor is measured in Watts and is denoted by W/(m2K).

Colours And Finishes

Aluminium bifold doors come in a variety of colour options. From blacks to greys to nudes you name it! The doors can be designed and manufactured from over 150 RAL colours available to match your interior colour palette. RAL is an industry-standard chart that has many colour options available.

Glass options

The most important element of any Aluminium bifold door is the glass that needs to be used for proper insulation and privacy. There are plenty of options to choose from based on your needs and wants. The best glass options available are the following –

  • Toughened glass – This is the most basic type of glass that should be installed in aluminium bifold doors. These glasses are stronger and
    thermally sound as well. Not only that but if at all it breaks it shatters into smaller pieces and not in bigger shards.
  • Frosted glass – Not usually recommended on the external surface as it is usually installed in the interiors to have privacy. However, if curtains and
    blinds are not the things you can opt for frosted glass as well. It comes with beautiful designs printed for that added beauty.
  • Laminated glass – This type of glass is just as strong as the toughened glass. However, its making is a bit different. Herein two glass layers are joined together with polyvinyl. This layer helps in bonding the glass together even if it is broken. This glass is good if you have children in the house.

Threshold Options

One of the most important factors that you should always consider while buying a bifold door is the threshold options available. To make things clear for you, the threshold is the area that is fixed to the floor to run the glass panels through it. Bifolding doors thresholds provide weather resistance as well. Threshold has an important job of holding the panels and wheels intact. According to the homeowner’s preferences we at NOW aluminium can provide
you with the threshold at the low level as well as 12-15mm above floor level to make a level difference. 

Generally, the threshold is preferred at the low level to keep the access for the elderly or people with mobility issues or children safe.


The cost of Aluminium bifold doors depends on the manufacturer, the design, the mechanisms involved and the size of the door. However, you can have the best bifold doors in a decent price range with Now Aluminium manufacturers. We have excellent quality Aluminium bifold doors that suit your taste and style. 

Comparing table

Comparing a avarage quality and high quality bifold door: 

 Avarage qualityHigh-end
Maximum height for a panel2.4m 3m 
Maximum width for a panel1m1.4m
Slim frame and sash profileStandard frame thickness and sash sightlineSlimmer frame thickness and narrower sash sightline
Handle Usually one option, as standard Offer many options for aesthetic and functionality  
Threshold and cillUsually one or 2 options for threshold and cill. Offer 3 or 4 type of threshold and also cill options. 
Glass optionsOnly double glass option because of maximum weight per panelOffer triple glass options 
Opening corner optionOffer standard configurations up to 8 panelsUp to 8 panels and also provide opening corner solution
Air permability  
Water tightness  
Wind load  
Thermal performance  


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