How Window Design Influences the Interior of Your House?




Windows- the silent decorators of the home offer a gateway to the outer world from your haven. Apart from paving paths for natural light and air into the house, these also welcome positive energy enriching the living zone.

The enhancement in the aesthetics of the home that can be done by adding the appropriate kind of window is immense. An appealing window design with great functionality can level up the beauty of the interiors.

Window designs are offered in various sizes, shapes, and opacity levels. From gorgeous bay windows to graceful skylights, these simple elements can transform the entire aura of a space.

Different Types of Windows incorporated in Interiors

Window selection can prove to be a confusing and challenging task with so many options to choose from. Every style of window has its own set of qualities that influence the interior of the house.

Before getting into the facts of how window design can influence an interior design, let’s first get familiar with the types of windows that can be employed in space: 

  • Fixed Windows (Picture windows)
  • Casement Windows (Side-hung windows) 
  • Double casement windows (French windows)
  • Tilt-turn windows
  • Tilt only windows (Bottom-hung or hopper windows)
  • Top-hung windows (Awnings windows)
  • Pivot windows (Horizontal or vertical)

Modern architectural design languages identify windows as an important element to impart style. The selection of windows from these typologies may be affected by the geographic conditions as the window is a gateway to the environment.

Whether you go for the classic window style or a more contemporary one, the shape and size of these elements can add to the visual appeal of the interiors of the house.

The Influence of Window Design on the Interior of the House

Windows are the key design elements that may influence the design in various ways. A good and healthy window design is one that allows air circulation and welcomes natural light into the interiors.

Due to various constraints, not all homes get good light and airflow which makes the selection of windows an important task with the appropriate size and materials. A great window selection can serve the perfect interior ambiance in the house.

Whether you opt for a traditional frame of windows or a modern style, here are 10 points the window design influences interior of the house:

1 – Natural Light for Hygienic Living

Humans seek natural light just like plants. Windows welcoming an abundance of natural light
interiors can be considered a healthy option as it nourishes the human mind, body, and soul.

Regardless of the appearance of windows, make sure that the interiors get a good amount of natural light.

2 – A Window Complementing the Decor

The window style shall be selected based on the space where it’s going to be placed. For a voluminous and tall room, clerestory windows can prove to be beneficial. Whereas, smaller rooms can welcome light with windows at a lower sill.

The selection of the right style can account for an interesting design element for the room.

3 – Framing the Picturesque of Outside

What’s better than gazing out at the great picture of natural surroundings?

This view can be framed by glass windows with a floor-to-ceiling height that enables you to view the outer world while being inside your comfort zone.

These are more than just a void in the wall. Windows allow you to bring the essence of exteriors into the interiors and enhance living.

4 – Skylights for View of the Sky

Another creative way to benefit from natural light is by incorporating skylights in the design. The ceiling, acting as the 5th wall of the room can offer privacy and simultaneously allow the natural light to penetrate the room.

These design features are beneficial for the spaces that have very little space on the wall to place windows. Skylights offered with various features can be placed as per the requirements.

5 – Opacities as per Privacy demands

There are a few spaces in the house that demand natural light and at the same time need privacy like a bathroom. For spaces like these, windows with different opacity levels can be chosen.

While a transparent glass lets you see through the space, the use of a translucent one can restrict the view and offer privacy. Thus, the windows that serve light and privacy demands simultaneously can be selected.

6 – Clerestory for Extra Wall Space

For art lovers or people who love to display their week, they desire more wall space to showcase it. For homeowners with this taste, clerestories are a perfect choice.

This type of window, located at a high level from the floor, offers a valuable space on the wall and can be incorporated as a design element to offer an appearance of the roof as if floating above.

7 – Windows as per Orientation

The orientation of the house and placement of windows as per are vital in an interior design. Placing windows as per the climate study of the location can enhance the user experience and offer greater comfort.

8 – Visual Interest with Different Sizes and Shapes

When it comes to selecting the size and shape of a window, there is no thumb rule however it depends on the design language being followed.

Many architects experiment with the solid and void on the walls to come up with an intriguing configuration that engages the eyes with their aesthetics. From rectangular to curved windows, a variety of options can enable to achieve the perfect composition.

9 – Solar Glazings for Energy Efficiency

When it comes to selecting the windows, one key consideration is the heat gain or loss. Glazings equipped with features to block direct UV rays penetrating the room should be selected in this case to achieve energy efficiency.

Selecting ‘The One’ for your House…

The character and amenities a simple window can offer are quite important while designing the house. With your personal taste and requirements, go for a style that livens up your interiors and offers a better living for you and your family.


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