Internal Steel Hinged Doors

Internal casement steel doors provides a bespoke and classic way to divide your space. They brings a timeless elegance to your space. The glazing bars can be added to any design to achieve the desired aesthetic. 

Design and Aesthetic

  • Non-thermaly broken steel profile used.
  • Frame depth is usually less than 50mm
  • Visible face width for fixed glazing: 25 mm 
  • Visible width for door leaf: 43 mm
  • Door meeting stile design 66 mm 

Size Limitations

  • Door leaf height up to 2500mm
  • Door leaf width up to 1200mm

Opening Options

  • Single leaf door
  • Double leaf door
  • Combined with side or top lights.

Glazing Options

  • Toughened or laminated glass options
  • Depending on safety and acoustic requirements, different glass thickness can be chosen: 6.4mm, 8.8mm etc.


  • Transparent room divider in the interior: Interior doors, interior windows, interior fixed glazing
  • New and renovation projects,
  • Modern interior design projects,
  • Suitable for listed buildings.

Product range

Product 1: Coming Soon

Product 2: Coming Soon