Jansen Janisol Arte Lift&Slide Steel Sliding Doors

Janisol Arte lift and slide doors have been developed for large openings and high stability. Janisol Arte now offers architects and planners the possibility to divide large glass fronts in new buildings.

When closed, Janisol Arte sliding doors are perfectly weathertight, providing excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction. 

Design and function 

  • Double track frame depth: 132 mm
  • Sliding and fixed leaves depth: 60 mm
  • Visible width of (Frame+Leaf): 75 mm
  • Visibile leaf width: 40 mm ( Profile face widths of just 40 mm ensure increased light penetration and also increase the energy efficiency of the building )
  • Welded steel half profiles in combination with glass fibrereinforced high-performance plastics (100% recyclable) produce particularly stable frames

Maximum vent sizes 

  • Maximum sizes for an element (WxH): 3000 mm x 2500 mm
  • Maximum weight for door leaf : 150 kg

Opening types 

  • 2-rail opening options: XQ, XX, XQX, QXXQ, XXXX ( X: Sliding vent, Q: Fixed vent )

Colours and finishes 

  • Janisol Arte profiles can be stove-enamelled and powder coated.
  • Powder-coating
  • Wet paint finish

Energy performance 

  • Uf-value 3.2 W/m2K
  • Uw-value of 1.5 W/m2K can be achieved with a double glass unit 

Weather performance 

Air tightness test pressureClass 3 (600 Pa) 
Water tightnessClass 2A 
Wind load resistanceClass 2 (800 Pa)


  • Janisol Arte sliding doors are available with an easy-access threshold system which provide the perfect solution for all possible applications. 
  • Threshold profile is made from aluminium.
  • Threshold height is 36 mm. 

Safety and security

  • Jansen Janisol Arte lift-slide doors come with multi-point locking system as standard
  • Lockable handles to further increase security
  • Hardware can be upgraded to comply burglar resistance classes of RC2 or RC3
  • For ground floor windows, PAS 24 or SBD feature is available

Glazing options

  • Glass thickness is between 20 and 34 mm 
  • Typical double glass option for Janisol Arte sliding door is 28 mm (6/16/6 : 6mm toughened outer pane / 16mm argon filled cavity / 6mm toughened inner pane)

Application areas

  • New residential buildings
  • Renovation and replacement projects
  • Commercial buildings
  • Historic restorations, listed buildings

For more information

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