Jansen Janisol Folding Doors

Jansen Janisol folding doors were originally developed for industrial applications, but they are now becoming increasingly popular in residential homes. The great advantage of Janisol folding doors is that the leaves can be folded together to maximise the clear opening width.

Design and functionality

  • Can be used for exterior and interior applications
  • Thermally broken (insulated) system
  • Slimmer profiles comparing 
  • Depending on the size and loading, there are two options for profile face width: 25 mm or 50 mm 
  • The loadbearing capacity of the top running gear is up to 200 kg, which in turn permits leaf weights of up to 100 kg

Material and finishes 

The frame can be available in: 

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Cor-ten steel
  • Brass

Maximum vent sizes 

  • Maximum sizes for a panel (WxH): 800mm x 2700 mm (with a leaf face width of 25 mm, leaf-to-leaf size of 105 mm)
  • Maximum sizes for a panel (WxH): 1000mm x 3200 mm (with a leaf face width of 50 mm, and leaf-to-leaf size of 155 mm)

Opening configurations for 3-panel bifold door

  • Outward opening: Panels open outward and stack outside. It saves space inside. 
  • Inward opening: If you don’t have enough space outside, you can choose inward opening. This combination requires some clear space around the door panels when they opened. 
  • 3 Panel, 4 panel and 5 panel opening options

Energy performance 

  • Uw-value of 1.4 W/m2K can be achieved with a double glass unit 

Weather performance 

Air tightness test pressureClass 3 (600 Pa) 
Water tightnessClass 2A 
Wind load resistanceClass 2 (800 Pa)

Threshold and sill 

  • Jansen Janisol steel folding doors comes with different thresholds which provide the perfect solutions for all possible applications. 

Safety and security

  • Multi-point locking 
  • Security options to comply burglar resistance classes of RC2 or RC3
  • PAS 24 feature for ground floor doors 

Glazing options

  • Double or triple glass options  
  • Typical double glass option for a bifold door is 28 mm (6/16/6 : 6mm toughened outer pane / 16mm argon filled cavity / 6mm toughened inner pane)
  • Inner pane of glass can be laminated to increase the security and safety

Application areas

Jansen has folding door systems for industrial and residential applications: 

  • External bifold door in residential and commerical buildings 
  • Can be used as a room divider in residential or commercial buildings 
  • Jansen has developed also uninsulated folding door system: Economy 60