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The first thing that your guests see is the front door of your house. The front door creates a lasting impression since most people will remember your house by your door. It is imperative to choose a door that matches your style and gives the correct impression. It is not the easiest task though. You will have to consider a lot of parameters like door styles, materials and more
before selecting your perfect door.

Door styles

The style of your house generally decides the style of your front door too. A traditional door will
suit a more classical style of the house.
Doors are majorly categorised into two types:
● Modern or Contemporary
● Traditional or classical

It is very important to get the style of your front door right. Timber is a popular choice for
traditional style homes and contemporary homeowners prefer to go for a sleek aluminium front
door. However, some creative designers and property owners use modern materials in
traditional style homes and classical materials like timber in contemporary front doors.

Door materials

There are a variety of material options available in the market for your front door. You have the ever-popular timber, aluminium, PVCu and other contemporary materials. Selecting the right material is critical for a perfect front door choice.

Timber Front Doors

Timber is most desired when it comes to front door material but is equally high maintenance. One needs to be extra careful in selecting the timber because cheaper wood has the risk of twisting and warping without proper treatment and maintenance.

PVCu Front Door

PVCu or uPVC is one of the cheapest materials for the front doors but they might be a compromise in terms of appearance and fitting to a particular style. However, for a higher budget, one could find PVCu doors that are satisfactory in both performance and appearance.

Composite Front Doors

Composite doors come with the goodness of both timber and aluminium. These have an appearance similar to wood and performance resembling aluminium. Composite doors, generally made up of glass-reinforced fibre provide good thermal efficiency and require very little maintenance.

Building regulations for front doors

A level threshold that allows for easy accessibility of a wheelchair in and out of the house is a requirement by Part M of the Building Regulations in England and Wales. Generally, one that has a lip of less than 15 mm is considered a level threshold. Another requirement as per Part M is the minimum width of 838mm or 2’9” for a front door. A Part M compliant door frame should be less than 15 mm as well.

Front Door Cost

Your material for the door, size, quality and other specifications will determine the cost of your front door. You could find a solid timber door anywhere between £500 and £1500. Some high quality and advanced assembly front doors could cost as high as £3,000. It is important to remember that you will have to bear additional costs for installation, accessories and a few other tasks. 

Aluminium Front Doors

Aluminium might be an ideal material for your front door as it is strong, durable, lightweight and available in a vast range of colours and finishes. Aluminium can be shaped to form various shapes and is ideal for doors of all sizes. Security is another provision when you choose an aluminium front door since it is resistant to warping, twisting and rusting. 

Aluminium Front Door Cost

Aluminium is a premium material as compared to other alternatives. Aluminium front doors are available from a starting price of £2,000. However, to find a quality aluminium design you might have to spend more than £4,000 at least. As mentioned before, this cost is exclusive of delivery charges, installation charges and also the cost of certain elements like the hinges.


For a front door material, aluminium is highly strong and secure. Doors with Secured by Design accreditation and those that comply with Part Q of the building regulations for security are the best choice when it comes to safety. 


The range of colours and finishes is one of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of aluminium front doors. These doors can be powder coated in any colour from a long list of available options. It is possible to have a front door with all the qualities of aluminium but in a timber finish. You could choose from oak, teak, walnut in matt or gloss closely resel=mbling a wooden front door. Aluminium gives architects and homeowners a lot of freedom to experiment with the look of the front entrance of the house. 


Installing an aluminium front door is not any easier or more complicated than installing doors of other materials, considering you choose a skilled and experienced person to handle the installation. 

Design considerations for aluminium front door 

  • Consider the style of your home before employing an aluminium front door. It may not go well with a classical style house. 
  • Consider the interior design of your house since aluminium front doors generally complement contemporary designs.
  • Make the optimum use of aluminium’s provision for coloured powder coating to create striking designs
  • Decide the amount of glazing in the panels of your aluminium front door and pay attention to the accessories and elements like the door handle.


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