Patio Door Options and Choose the Right Type




Patio doors are a wonderful way to enhance the looks of your house. They allow for an extension of space by opening up the interiors to the outside. In addition, patio doors provide access to an abundance of natural light and fresh air. Majorly, three types of patio doors are available in the market: French, sliding and bi-fold. They come in a variety of heights and styles, generally consisting of 2-4 panes of glass.

Types of patio door

There are different options for a patio. Some popular of them are listed below: 

  • Sliding door
  • Bifold door
  • French door 

Sliding doors

One of the most favoured and recognised choices for exterior patio doors are the sliding doors.
The popularity of sliding doors is such that they are considered another name for patio doors.
Unlike a traditional french door that opens out, a sliding door glides on a track to make room for
a wider opening. These doors work for both small or large openings and can be customised as
per opening size to get a full-width entryway. Additionally, modern sliding doors that have large
glass panes increase the amount of natural light.

In recent years, sliding doors have gained huge popularity and are a preferred choice if one is
looking to create a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

Advantages of sliding doors:

  • Access to abundant natural light
  • Sleek frame options are available for an extended viewing radius
  • Advanced technology makes them highly secure
  • A good option for minimalist style
  • An energy-efficient option

Bifold doors

Bifold doors provide a seamless transition by allowing you to completely open the doorway. The bifold doors are becoming increasingly popular for the coordinated and well-balanced look that is achieved by pleats like the folding of the door panels. Bifold doors are highly configurable as you have the option of choosing the opening direction and the number of panels. You can also choose to have a single opening door – a convenient option for the winters.

Advantages of bifold patio doors:

  • A seamless extension between indoors and outdoors is achieved
  • An increased amount of natural light
  • An outward opening is a great option for saving space on the inside
  • Provides security and thermal efficiency

French doors

The third type of patio door is the timeless and forever celebrated French door. The never-ageing french doors are synonymous with class and elegance. These look beautiful in all types of properties, from a period cottage to a modern home. Designers of luxury homes often opt out of French doors.

Advantages of French doors:

  • Suits all kinds of property
  • Provides with an option of include Georgian bars
  • These are energy efficient
  • Are safe and secure
  • A high glass ratio improves the aesthetic and brings in more light

Things to consider when deciding the best patio door option for your home

The existing layout of your house, your preferences and goals in terms of function and visual style need to be considered for an appropriate selection of the new patio doors. Below are listed a few things to consider when deciding on the best patio doors.

For the main entryway or a frequently used doorway

If your patio doors are used very often in a day, you must consider the accessibility of the type of door you are selecting. A folding door is easy to open, however, they aren’t very quick to open and shut as compared to a sliding door. If you do not need to shut the door at all times, you could keep one panel of your folding system open for continual to and fro movement. Otherwise sliding or lift and slide doors are great options.

For light and ventilation

All modern doors provide for increased light and ventilation, but bifold doors are a superior choice if you want to enjoy the summers. Chances of a summer barbeque are increased by improving the transition between the patio and the kitchen. The barrier between home and garden is removed seamlessly in the case of folding doors, which are a preferred choice of most architects.

For a home extension

Exterior pocket doors are a viable option if you’re constructing a home extension and have more than enough space. These doors quite literally disappear into the pockets created and are therefore a great choice for uninterrupted panoramic views. 

For improved security 

High-quality aluminium patio doors offer the best security that is essential to any house. Aluminium patio doors are available in both sliding and folding systems. The sleek design of these systems conceals the security components and are not made visible from the outside. 

For saving money on energy bills 

Again choosing high-performance aluminium frames will benefit you in thermal insulation and
increased energy efficiency.

For a home renovation

For a complete home renovation, you could go for a combination of different door styles. Since aluminium patio doors are custom made, they can be worked out for any measurement and specification. Additionally, aluminium frames are available in countless finishes and colours allowing you to keep a consistent theme among different door styles.

For a tight budget

Folding patio doors are among the most expensive types available in the market. If you are on a tight budget, selecting other cost-effective options like sliding doors could be a better idea.


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