Structural Glass Products

Explore the frameless structural glass solutions that are designed to fit your project needs.

Glass Extensions

A structural glass extension creates versatile outdoor space and provides panoramic view while maximising the amount of natural light entering your living space.

Glass Links

A structural glass link joins two buildings and creates habitable space while ensuring the original aesthetic of the buildings are preserved. 

Glass Roofs

By choosing a frameless glass roof, maximize natural daylight supporting your wellbeing, create an illusion of more space in your home and enhance the aesthetic of your building.

Glass Floors

Use walk-on glass for illuminating dark spaces and increasing the natural light flow within your property and also adding an aesthetic value for your home beside a primary light source.

Glass Walls

Using structural glass wall as a modern alternative to the traditional framed curtain wall, crate entire elevations of glass with no visible frame or fixing.

Glass-box Windows

Add an extra dimension to your room and bring an extra light and view with a frameless oriel window. In addition, create an illusion of being outside while seating inside.