Reasons to Choose Aluminium Front Door for Your Home




A stylish and secure door that offers both visual and practical benefits is an ideal gateway to your home. This can be achieved by installing an aluminium front door for your home. Aluminium offers great design options for front doors that are also dependable and secure. The reasons for choosing an aluminium front door are many. We have listed ten pivotal benefits of having an aluminium front door for your house.

More glass and less frame

Aluminium is a strong material. In comparison, it is two and a half times stronger than PVCu. This strength allows you to have larger door sizes that are also sleeker. It is a total win for the aesthetics. This means you can have larger doors that have more glass area and thinly visible frames. Unlike timber or PVCu doors, where a lack of strength in material requires you to have large frame sizes, aluminium offers a clean and attractive glazed look to your front door.

More design options with aluminium front door

Unlike a few set designs in composite and PVCu panelled doors, aluminium offers a wide range of choices for bottom rails, mullions, mid-rails and transoms for you to craft your door design. For a bespoke design choice, you could benefit again from the strength to weight ratio of aluminium as a material. You could have a tall or wide or narrow door. Aluminium doors are available in designs that compliment both contemporary and traditional houses.

More colour choices and finishes

With the advanced polyester powder coating in aluminium doors, you now have a range of 200 plus colours to choose from. The choices are increased multiple times over because these colour options come with a choice of different textures, finishes and dual tones. You can choose to have a wooden effect on your aluminium door if that suits your house design. These benefits are not available in either PVCu or composite doors because the coating processes are very different.

More durable

The main entrance of your home needs a door that is dependable and durable. Among the mainstream metallic construction materials, aluminium is one of the most durable. It does not rust or warp easily. Unlike timber doors, aluminium doors are not vulnerable to insect attacks, deterioration due to mildew and water. Aluminium also retains its strength at high temperatures. Most companies give a 10-year long warranty with aluminium front doors.

More weathertight

Aluminium as a material is more resilient to weather elements like wind and rain. If installed properly, it gives a good performance in weather tightness. Even in harsh British weather conditions, aluminium stays strong without much damage. Likely, your aluminium front door will only need one replacement in a lifetime.

More secure

Aluminium is an ideal material to build strong yet lightweight front doors for security. Higher-strength to weight ratio allows aluminium front doors to withstand a lot of force before they give in to bend or break. The European standard test EN1627-1630 is the hallmark of strength and safety and aluminium front doors are more likely to pass this test than timber or PVCu doors. Additional steps taken by manufacturers earn more security credits and qualifications making it a preferred choice for the front door of your home.

Easy maintenance

Regular dusting, occasional cleaning or wipe down are enough to maintain your aluminium front door for a lifetime. You do not need to get regular polishing, painting or structural reinforcements after installing an aluminium front door. The powder-coated or brushed surface is immune to chipping or fading of colour. The coating also prevents the door from corrosion and another wear.

Aluminium front door price

A seemingly expensive choice for a front door, aluminium is a worthwhile investment for the number of benefits attached to it. Installation of aluminium front door cost almost the same as a steel or timber door. In the long run, aluminium proves to be an economical option because it does not have regular maintenance costs attached to it, unlike timber doors.


The main door of your house needs to be fire-resistant. Fire is a significant threat to the safety and security of your house. Aluminium is a great fire-resistant choice for the entryway of your house. Aluminium is a reflective metal, does not combust, and is not readily conducive to heat. It is a much safer option than a wooden or steel door.

Sustainable / environmentally friendly

If you want to be environmentally friendly with your choices in building your house, an aluminium front door is an ideal option. Aluminium is a recyclable material, is a sustainable choice for the doors and windows of your house. Recycled aluminium is of consistently high quality and only gets created by using 5% of the energy used to produce aluminium for the first time. The lifespan of aluminium products is as long as they are recycled and repurposed. After the first time production of aluminium from the bauxite ore, it can be recycled over and over again without harming the environment.


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