Reynaers Aluminium Sliding Door Range

Aluminium sliding patio doors by Reynaers offer the industry best optimum measurement. These doors can reach up to three and a half metres in elevation. Even the largest doors can be triple-glazed to meet even the highly demanding insulation specifications. Created for safety and weather resistance, Reynaers exterior aluminium doors are low maintenance, come with avant-garde performance and attractive appearance. These doors can be made hands-off by automation. At the touch of a switch, they transform into automated sliding doors that can swiftly glide in a risk-free way. Even the largest aluminium panels from their selection, like the CP 155, can open and close with the hassle-free lift and slide mechanism.

The contemporary and cutting-edge version of classic Reynaers can enhance the living experience in any house. The visual appeal is not compromised by the technology needed to power their tailor-made Hi-Finity automatic sliding doors. The motor is concealed flawlessly within the framework, so the doorway has clear lines. A state of the art electronic lock system is hidden similarly and will lock the door whenever it is fully closed. A basic wall-mounted switch or remote control is used to operate these doors, enabling you to open and shut them from any place in the room or from the outdoors.

Reynaers CP 130 aluminum sliding doors

The high-end insulated sliding system, CP 130 by Reynaers, incorporates high weather performance, enhanced security and extraordinary aesthetics. Designed for easy usability, this sliding door system is available in two variations – slide or lift-and-slide. In the lift and slide system, the door is lifted slightly before opening or closing, which reduces friction and makes the movement smooth. The system has a sleek midsection interlock to increase the glass surface and can be specified with our built-in ventilation system, Ventalis. This adjustable system is ideal for most residential utilisation as it comes with a maximum vent weight of 300 kg and a maximum height of 2.7 m.

Reynaers’s pioneering open corner system for the CP 130-LS adds an exciting architectural feature by allowing you to open up two sides of a room with no corner post, obstructing your view. An open corner is achieved by the duo rail system, designed exclusively for the CP 130-LS. In the intelligent corner system, two sliding units meet at a corner. When the doors are locked, the thick double gaskets protect against the weather. The CP 130 offers a best in class performance in thermal insulation, which is crucial for most people in the UK. CP 130 comes with a double glazed sealed unit that can provide an overall U-value to as low as 1.5W/m2K, which can further go down to 1.1W.m2K with triple glazing.

Reynaers CP 155 aluminum sliding doors

Reynaers CP 155 is a superior insulated sliding system that offers the most leading standard of performance. This advanced system is designed to satisfy the necessities of optimum quality, high insulation and ease of operation. The strength of this system allows it to offer large dimensions – up to 3m in elevation and a maximum vent weight of 400 kg*. CP 155 is a high performing system in terms of noise reduction, weather resistance and security.

Now with the ‘High Insulation’ upgrade, the system can achieve an excellent U-value of 1.07 W/m2K. The CP 155-HI system can be used in low-energy buildings, as it is certified with the coveted Swiss Minergie label, a quality indicator for high-insulation systems. The CP 155 system is also available with a low threshold alternative that creates absolute coherence between the indoor and outdoor spaces and improves the openness and approachability of the building. Automatic operations can further improve this accessibility and comfort. All home aluminium products by Reynaers have security, architectural design and energy efficiency as their focal elements.

Reynaers Masterpatio aluminum sliding doors

MasterPatio is the next generation of its kind, making it an ideal choice for a judicious householder or an architect who is seeking the most advanced in design and performance. A state of the art slimline aluminium sliding door system by Reynaers, MasterPatio makes the floor-to-ceiling glass a possibility. It offers superior thermal insulation, maximum comfort, clean lines and a minimalist look.

Reynaers MasterPatio provides high insulation through the top performance lift-slide system. The system delivers superior thermal performance by using recycled profiles as well as recycled insulation bars which reduces the CO2 emissions by 1130 tonnes/year so you don’t have to compromise on sustainability to achieve elegance in your home. Industry-leading dimensions are a common factor in all Reynaers aluminium sliding systems, which add a wonderful feature to your home. MasterPatio offers a maximum element height of 3700mm with large glass panes and ultra-slim frame profiles for an unobstructed view into the outdoors. The perfect transfer of the glass weight to the wheels is ensured by the patented glass supports, resulting in swift gliding of the panels.

Reynaers Hi-Finity aluminum sliding doors

An embodiment of the modern design, the Hi-Finity sliding aluminium patio door combines the latest contemporary aesthetics with exceptional performance. This cutting-edge slimline aluminium patio door allows for floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall glass. Hi-Finity doors are structurally glazed, meaning the door’s structure is in the glass and not the enclosing frame. It offers an ergonomically designed handle and a fully concealed locking system. For the householders and architects seeking excellence, Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding aluminium patio door establishes a new convention, adding an architectural feature of your house as well as opening up your space to glorious panoramic views.

A wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass becomes a possibility because this door system is crafted to perfection so that it allows the ultra-slim frame to be concealed behind the surrounding wall.

Comparison table for Reynaers sliding doors

 CP 130MasterPatioHi-Finity
MechanismLift and slideLift and slideInline
Visible frame width   
Visible width of meeting section50 mm50 mm35 mm
Frame depth    
Maximum vent height2700 mm3600 mm4000 mm
Maximum sliding vent weight300 kg400 kg1200 kg
Glass optionsDouble or triple glassDouble or triple glassDouble or triple glass
Air tightnessClass 4 (600 Pa)Class 4 (600 Pa)Class 4 (600 Pa)
Water tightnessE 750 (750 Pa)E 750 (750 Pa)E 750 (750 Pa)
Wind load resistanceB5 (2000 Pa)C5 (2000 Pa)C5 (2000 Pa)
Security levelRC2 or PAS24RC2RC2
Automatic opening (motorised version)NoYesYes

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