Reynaers CP 130 Sliding Door Installation Guide


Reynaers CP 130 slilding doors give a wide variety of possibilities along with high performance and enhanced burglar resistance. The system is not only functional, but also offers economical and aesthetic solutions with the slimline middle section.


After transport

What is important after receiving the transport of materials is to go through it and make sure that everything ordered is delivered. There is always a risk
that some things are overlooked, missing or damaged after transport.

  1. Screws: Please check that all screws are tight (M5 allen key) top and bottom.
  2. Seal: Make sure to check that seal is not damaged during transport. Reynaers suggests that bottom butt joint is resealed with silicone

Fitting in the structural work 

Attachment to the building is either by direct fixing through the profile, e.g. screws and plugs, or by using fixing lugs.



Download the installation guide for CP 130 sliding doors from Reynaers website >>