Reynaers CW 50-FP Fire Resistent Curtain Wall System

The CW 50-FP fire rated curtain wall is designed to provide an EW30, EI30 or EI60 fire resistance, whilst still offering the same advantages
as the standard CW 50 façade system. 

CW 50-FP EI30

CW 50-FP EI30 offers a 30 minute fire resistant time span which is obtained by inserting steel tubes in the mullions and by using fire resistant swelling gaskets.

CW 50-FP EI60 

Reynaers CW 50-FP EI60 extends the time factor from 30 to 60 minutes by adding a minimal cooling agent.

Combining technical innovation, safety and aesthetic appeal

The CS 77-FP60 is specially designed to achieve delaying both the spread of fire and the increase of temperatures by at least 60 minutes.
Its fireproof partitioning wall is ideal for escape routes through hallways and offices and to offer protection from burning buildings in close proximity to it.

Integrated with non-fire systems 

Reynaers CW 50-FP system is compatible with our CS 77-FP fire resistant door systems. 

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