SAPA Dualslide Aluminium Vertical Sliding Window

SAPA Dualslide is the new solution to aluminium vertical and horizontal sliding windows. Utilising advanced polyamide thermal break technology, Dualslide windows provide high thermal performance meeting domestic and commercial project requirements.

Dualslide design and profile AWS 70 SC design and profile specifications

  • Frame depth: 120mm
  • Advanced polyamide thermal break technology,
  • Can be integrated with SAPA/Technal curtain wall systems.

Size limitations

  • Maximum vent height: 2700mm
  • Maximum width for vents: 1500mm
  • Minimum height: 900mm
  • Maximum weight for vents: 43 kg

Opening types 

  • Vertical sliding (Straight): Window sashes slide vertically
  • Vertical sliding (Tilt in): Window sashes slide vertically and also can be open tilt-in to allow cleaning

Colours and finishes 

  • Standard powder coating: Full range of RAL colours
  • Textured (Metallic) powder coating: Full range of RAL colours
  • Anodized colour options
  • Dual colour option (differing finishes internally and externally) 

Thermal performance

  • Depending on frame/vent combination,  and the glass thickness, the best U-value can be achieved is 1.6 W/m2K
  • Energy rating: WER B

Weather performance

Depending on straight vertical or tilt-in vertical sliding opening styles, SAPA Dualslide windows provide the following weather tightness performance:  

 Vertical Slider (Straight)Vertical Slider (Tilt-in)
Water tightnessClass 9A (600 pa)Class 7A (300 pa)
Air tightnessClass 3 (600 pa)Class 3 (600 pa)
Wind resistanceClass AE (2200 pa)Class A5 (2000 pa)

Safety and security

  • Safety standard: Standard 
  • Sash Restriction - Releasable/locking restrictor


  • Integrated full width pull/lift handles on sash profiles
  • A pull ring (pole eye) can be fitted to the top rail on the upper sash for pole use 


  • Sliding sashes are supported by pre-tensioned spiral balances
  • Opening restrictors for both sashes


  • Different cill options are available 


  • Trickle vent can be fitted to head frame or top sash


  • Beaded glazing method
  • Standard double glass (4-16-4 or 4-20-4)
  • Maximum glass thickness:  32 mm

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