Schüco Aluminium Sliding Door Range

One of the most prestigious companies producing systems for aluminium windows and doors in the world, Shüco offers a wide range of systems for windows, doors, and curtain walls to be used on residential and commercial purposes.

When it comes to sliding doors, Schüco offers various systems to matching any project requirements in terms of aesthetic, energy and weather performance, safety and security. 

Why choose Schüco sliding doors

The main benefit of choosing Schüco slidind doors:

  • Easy to operate,
  • A wide range of design that fulfil any project requirements,
  • Offer great design combined with perfect functionality,
  • Enabling you to create the largest glass panels for maximum light,
  • Having different concept: classic or panorama design.

Schüco Sliding Doors’ Concepts

Schuco sliding doors can be classified in two main catagories: 

  • Classic Design which offers versatility and convenience. 
  • Panorama Design (PD) which offers maximum transparency for an uninterrupted view.  

Both concepts offer a range design options which meet all the requirements of commercial and private residential projects.

Schüco Classic Design Sliding Doors

The Schüco Classic Design sliding doors offer impressive versatility and convenience. Therefore, this concept offers ideal solutions for all kind of building projects.

The main features of Schüco Classic Design:

  • Easy to operate: lift&slide mechanism
  • Wide range of opening options
  • Up to three tracks (Single, double and triple track options)
  • Choice of flush threshold
  • Multi-point locking
  • Automated operation

The Schüco sliding doors has classic design concept: 

Panorama Design (PD)

The main characteristics of Schüco Panorama Design concept are slim frames which gives you more glass, flush-fitting in the wall which makes outer frame invisible, minimum profile face width. With Panorama Design, Schüco sliding doors creates maximum transparency for an uninterrupted view.

The main feature of the Panorama Design:

  • Slim line profiles. 
  • Large panel sizes to create uninterrupted view
  • Flush-fitted in the wall (fully concealed outer frames)
  • Floor-to-ceiling glazing
  • Extremely slim interlock
  • Manual or Auotomatic TipTronic operation: Schüco Panorama Design systems can be controlled using a tablet, smartphone (app) or switch.
  • Thermal insulation: up to a U value of 0.96 W/(m²·K)

The Schüco sliding doors has panorama design concept are as follows: 

  • ASS 39 PD.NI (Non-Insulated)
  • ASE 67 PD
  • ASS 77 PD.HI
  • ASS 77 PD.HI Manual
  • AS PD 75.HI: Inline slidin
  • AS AL 75

Selecting the right style

Schüco aluminium sliding doors are offered in variant product lines:  

Access Line  

  • Focuses on ease of access (Barrier-free threshold of the Access Line ensures that the floor is completely level on both sides)
  • Simple operation. 
  • Ease of access:
  • Achieving burglar resistance up to Resistance Class 2 (RC 2)

Design Line 

  • Focuses on aesthetics, and visual impact.
  • Featuring large glass dimensions, maximum transparency.
  • Flush-fitted appearance. 
  • Achieving burglar resistance up to Resistance Class 2 (RC 2)

Performance Line 

  • Combining all best features of the Access and Design lines.
  • Fully automated (TipTronic fitting)
  • Achieving burglar resistance up to Resistance Class 3 (RC 3)

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