Schüco Aluminium Windows for New Builds and Renovations


If you are looking for the best aluminium windows brand for your next project, your search ends here with Schuco. Schuco is a proven brand that guarantees high quality products for bespoke design solutions for your buildings.

Created with premium design and cutting edge technology, Schuco systems offer a wide range of high performance products. Schuco aluminium windows are suitable for both residential and commercial projects and can be made to order, available in more than thirty types including some high-tech versions. Schuco windows can be customised to create design solutions, tailor made to fit your projects. You can choose from a huge variety of window styles and opening mechanisms that work well with all modern buildings, allowing you to create different kinds of contemporary glazing. Choose from casement, tilt and turn, pivot, or reversible window formats.

Specifically designed for the UK market, certain windows from the Schuco systems provide with high security and energy efficiency for your buildings. Aluminium windows by Schuco also offer great weather performance and functionality in all respects without compromising on the aesthetics. In AWS 70 VV HI, a high tech product from Schuco windows comes with natural ventilation system and smart automated hardware, which allows for sensor-controlled climate control in the room.

If your requirements are elegant window designs without visible window vents and other design options, choosing from the wide range of Schuco aluminium windows will prove to be a wise decision.

Schuco Windows Range

Windows ranges from Schuco or Schuceo include the following types:

  1. Schuco AWS 120 CC SI (Composite Construction Super Insulation) Windows
  2. Schuco AWS 112 IC (Insulation Cover) Windows
  3. Schuco AWS 90.SI+ (Super Insulation) Windows
  4. Schuco AWS 75 SI+ (Super Insulation) Windows
  5. Schuco AWS ST HI (High Insulation) Windows
  6. Schuco AWS 70 SC (Slimline Casement) Windows

All different types of Schuco windows fulfil specific requirements of architects and clients for their buildings, both in design and functionality. Along with which, Schuco AWS windows can be powder coated or anodised in large range of metallic, textured and dual tone finishes. With Schuco aluminium windows, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

Schuco AWS 70 HI - Aluminium Windows

Schuco AWS 70 HI (High Insulation) windows offer an impressive Uf value of 1.7W/m2K which saves the valuable thermal energy of your building, eventually reducing the cost of heating. With a basic frame depth of 70 mm, AWS 70 HI allows for a large glazing area. The windows can open inward or outwards. Also, balcony doors with low thresholds, ribbon window or façade insert units are also achievable with this Schuco window system.

Architects and specifiers can choose from a wide range of opening types, including crank-operated, tilt and turn vents, barrier free openings, bottom-hung skylights and more. Along with this, the system offers a wide range of profiles, such as corner mullions, structural mullions, symmetrical, asymmetrical mullions and additional sun shading and ventilation systems.

Schuco AWS 75 SI+ Aluminium Windows 

Featured in energy-efficient buildings, AWS 75 SI+ offers improved energy efficiency with an outstanding Uf value of 0.92 W/m2K. With a mounting depth of 75mm, the window system is designed for enhanced durability and improved thermal efficiency.
This optimised version of energy efficient window type is based on the Cradle-to-Cradle or C2C system, certified with a silver label in compliance with the latest C2C standards. The raw materials, used for making products are tested for harmful substances and the products at the end of their life cycle can again be turned into raw materials.

Schuco AWS 70 SC - Aluminium Outward Opening Windows with Slim Sightlines 

Ideal for both, new constructions and renovation projects, this Slimline Casement outward opening system by Schuco is specifically designed for the UK market. The German engineered casement window, AWS 70 SC is characterised by sleek sightlines and varied options for the vent profiles. This versatile window system offers high quality standards, synonymous with Schuco with economical solutions.

AWS 70 SC is usually featured in private residences, small commercial buildings, including certain public properties, schools, and clinics. The window system also offers great insulation, thanks to polyamine thermal break technology and is stringently tested for the security rating of PAS 24 and can be installed with both double and tipple glazing.

For furhter information about Schuco AWS 70 SC outward opening windows, please visit our product pages >>

Schuco AWS 90.SI+ - Aluminium Windows for Passive Houses

Also known as the Green aluminium window, AWS 90.SI+ is the first aluminium window to be certified with thermal insulation of passive house standard. It is characterised by its ability to offer best thermal insulation with maximum design flexibility. To fulfil the architectural requirements of an energy efficient building envelope, the system provides with design solutions and mechanism options for a basic 90 mm depth.

Configuration of AWS 90.SI+ as a punched opening, ribbon window or façade insert units is possible with the system. The system also offers large glazing areas for the freedom to design stylish building envelopes, making it a preferred Schuco window type for architects working on sustainable building designs.

You can gain a passive house certification by employing specific combinations of the profiles along with the AWS90.SI+ window system.

Schuco AWS 90.SI+ windows can be ideally combined with the Schüco door series ADS 90.

Comparison Schuco Aluminium Windows

Frame depth

70 mm

70 mm

75 mm

90 mm

Opening typesInward and outward opening, tilt-turn, bottom hung, top hung

Outward opening only, top-hung, side-hung

Inward and outward opening,  tilt-turn, bottom hung, top hungInward and outward opening,  tilt-turn, bottom hung, top hung
Maximum size (WxH) 1700mm x 2500mm1800mm x 1800mm1700mm x 2500mm1700mm x 2500mm
Thermal performanceUf ≥ 1.7 W/m2KUf ≥ 1.4 W/m2KUf ≥ 0.92 W/m2KUf ≥ 0.71 W/m2K
SecurityRC2, RC3, PAS 24RC2, RC3, PAS 24RC2, RC3, PAS 24RC2, RC3, PAS 24
Air permeabilityClass 4Class 4Class 4Class 4
Water tightnessClass 9AClass 9AClass 9AClass 9A
Wind load resistanceClass C5/B5Class C5/B5Class C5/B5Class C5/B5