Schüco ASE 80.HI Aluminium Sliding Door

Highly thermally insulated lift-slide system with excellent watertightness and exceptional sound insulation, Schüco ASE 80.HI is based on single, double and three-layer outer frames and allows large opening widths with exceptional user comfort – perfect for use as a quality system solution in commercial projects and luxury residential buildings. Schüco ASE 80.HI ensures that large wing units can be operated easily and securely.

Design and profile features

  • Available in sliding or Lift&slide 
  • Single, double and triple track options 
  • Basic depth of vent profile: 80 mm
  • Basic depth frame : 180mm for single/double-track; 280mm for triple-track
  • Face width of interlock section: 112mm or 40mm (optional slimline interlock profile)
  • Available in two products lines: Standard Line and Design Line

Maximum sizes 

  • Maximum height: 3500mm
  • Maximum width: 3500mm per panel 
  • Maximum weight: 500 kg per panel 

Opening types

  • Schüco ASE 80 sliding doors can be design based on single, double or triple tracks. 
  • Schüco ASE 80 sliding doors can be designed in two, three, four or six panels

Colours and finishes

  • Available in all powder coating RAL colours 
  • Texture finishes 
  • Dual colour option (different RAL colours for inside and outside)
  • Anodized aluminium colours
  • Handle colours (subject to availability): RAL 9005 Black, RAL 9010 Pure White, RAL 9016 Traffic White, CO Silver Anodised 

Thermal performance

  • Thermally broken profiles 
  • Best overall U-value can be achieved: 0.9 W/m²K 

Weather tightness performance

  • Air permability:  Class 4 (600 Pa)
  • Water tightness: Class 9A (900 Pa)
  • Wind load resistance: Class C5/B5

Acoustic performance 

  • Schüco ASE 80.HI sliding door provides sound reduction index (Rwp) up to 41 dB(A)
  • In order to achieve the required acoustic level, different acoustic glass combinations can be offered with the sliding door. 

Safety and security

  • Comes with multi-point locking system as standard
  • Burglar resistance classes of RC2 (optional) 
  • PAS 24 feature (optional)

Glazing Options

  • Maximum glass thickness is 60 mm
  • Double and triple glass option
  • Inner pane of the glass can be laminated for security purposes 
  • Glass features: Low-e coating, solar glass, 

Threshold options  

  • ASE 60 sliding doors comes with different threshold options.
  • The option of level threshold comes with Design Line crates a smooth, barrier-free transition between the interior and exterior.

Operation performance 

  • SmartStop and SmartClose technology as optional fittings guarantee increased convenience and maximum safety when operating the vents. These integrated modules ensure the sliding vents close and stops very gently.
  • The central fittings groove allows a balanced distribution of weight in the moving vent, ensuring optimum running characteristics and ease of operation.
  • Schüco ASE 80 sliding doors come with a range of feature handles meeting high requirements in terms of functionality and design.


Schüco ASE 80 sliding door system offers ideal solutions for:  

  • Luxury residential buildings: Balconies, terraces, patios, and conservatories
  • Commercial projects: Hotels, restaurants, office buildings etc. 

ASE 80.HI vs ASE 60

 Schüco ASE 60 and ASE 80.HI are nearly idential system except some features. 

ParameterASE 60ASE 80.HI
Track options Single, double or triple track Single, double or triple track 
Vent depth  60 mm80 mm
Frame depth 140mm for single/double-track; 220mm for triple-track180mm for single/double-track; 280mm for triple-track
Maximum Width x Height3500 x 3500mm3500 x 3500mm
Ease of operation

SmartStop and SmartClose modules

TipTronic SimplySmart fittings for automatic operation 

SmartStop and SmartClose modules

TipTronic SimplySmart fittings for automatic operation 

Open corner option



Best overall U-Value can be achieved

1.1 W/(m²·K)

0.99 W/(m²·K)

Glass thickness 

24mm to 40mm

36mm to 60mm

Flush threshold

Available in Design Line

Available in Design Line

Maximum sound reduction index (Rwp)

43 dB(A) for manual
45 dB(A) for TipTronic

41 dB(A) for manual
41 dB(A) for TipTronic

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