Schuco ASS 70 FD Aluminium Bifolding Doors

Offering maximum transperency with ultra-slim frames, Schuco ASS 70 bifold door system is regarded one of the best bifoldig doors in the market. Schuco ASS 70 FD bifold doors are suitable for new and replacement projects.

Schuco ASS 70 FD bifold doors offer design freedom and high performance in terms of mechanical and thermal performance, and security. 

Design and profile specifications

The main features for ASS 70 FD bifold doors: 

  • Frame depth: 70mm
  • Overall Side Profile: 131mm
  • Vent Profile: 54mm
  • Panel Junction Profile: 120mm (Offer maximum transparency with minimum aluminium sightlines)
  • Attractive design with rounded profile corners

Profiles range 

While using the minimum number of profiles, Schuco AWS 70 SC windows system provides a wide variety of sightlines, sizes and weights from slimline to heavy duty. The profile range is as follows: 

  • ASS 70 FD 
  • ASS 70 FD HD

With new version, Schuco ASS 70 bifold doors offer a better design flexibility and functionality.

Maximum vent sizes 

ParameterASS 70 FDASS 70 FD HD
Maximum door panel height 3000 mm3000 mm
Maximum door panel width 1200 mm1500 mm
Maximum door panel weight100 kg150 kg 

The new version (ASS 70 FD HD) offers up to 1.5m width per panel. This provides a reduction in door panels and covering the same apetures with fewer door panels. Fewer panels mean less frame and more glass, and that gives you also a better-looking doors.  

For example a 4m opening can be covered with minium 4 panels bifold doors, but the opening size can be achieved with only 3 door panels using Schuco ASS FD HD system. 

Opening types 

Schuco ASS 70 FD bifold doors offer design flexibility with a wide range of opening options: 

  • Inward or outward opening
  • Sliding to the right or left 
  • Corner solutions
  • Various combined options

Colours and finishes for Schuco AWS 70 SC window

  • Available in all powder coating RAL colours 
  • Anodizing finish options
  • Textured (metallic) finish options
  • Dual colour choice

Threshold options 

Schuco ASS 70 bifold doors offers different threshold options to suit every application. ASS 70 aluminium bifolding doors come with two threshold options; 

  • Weather rated (standard) threshold: Outer frame is used for a high degree of weathertightness. 
  • Flush threshold: For an easy access (barrier-free) entrance, ASS 70 bifold doors can be installed with a flat/flush threshold.  When the internal finish floor level is similar to the external finish floor level, the low/flush threshold option can be used.  

Thermal peformance 

  • Frame Uf-value is 1.6 W/m2K
  • Typical frame U-value is 1.5 W/m2K with 1.0 W/m2K glazing units and polyamide (PA) insulating bars (Note: The lower U-value indicates the better insulation performance.)
  • Compliant with Document L
  • Window Energy Rating (WER) up to ‘A’ with polythermide (PT) insulating bar option

Weather performance 

Weather performance factorASS 70 FD Bifold Door 
Air permabilityClass 3 
Water tightnessClass 9A 
Wind load resistanceClass C3 / B3

Safety and security

  • Schuco ASS 70 bifold doors come with multi-point locking system as standard
  • Can be equipped with anti-lift locking barrels and anti-burglar hinges.
  • Hardware can be upgraded to comply burglar resistance classes of RC2. 
  • For ground floor applications, PAS 24 and/or Secure by Deisgn security features are available. 

Hardware and accessories 

  • The magnetic retaining catch with an elegant design and matching flat door handle is available as an additional design option.

Glazing options

  • Maximum glass thickness for Schuco ASS 70 is 45 mm, so double and triple glass options can be used. 
  • Typical double glass option is 28 mm (4mm/20mmArogn/4mm or 6mm/16mm Argon/6mm) 
  • Vent weight up to 100 kg for ASS FD and 150kg for ASS FD HD. 

Mechanical performance 

  • Schuco ASS 70 bifold door vents can be folded any direction easily, with minimal force
  • ASS 70 bifold door vents glide silently on roller carriages guided along tracks at the top and bottom.

Application areas

  • External doors such as patio doors, balcony doors, and side doors. 
  • New building and replacement projects
  • Commerical buildings such as cafe, restaurants where more clear opening is required. 

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