Schüco ASS 70.HI Aluminium Sliding Door

The Schuco ASS 70.HI (High-Insulated) sliding door is a lift-and-slide system that provides easy, quiet access to balconies, patios and conservatories.  This lift&slide door system is ideally suited for commercial projects and luxury residential properties where thermal performance is especially important. 

Design and profile 

  • Lift and slide system 
  • Basic depth frame : 160/250 mm
  • Basic depth of vent profile is 70 mm
  • Sightline window frame : 47 (standard)
  • Interlock options: 48mm or 108mm

Maximum sizes for Schuco ASS 70 sliding doors

  • Maximum height: 3000mm
  • Maximum width: 3000mm per panel 
  • Maximum weight: 400 kg per panel 

Opening types for Schuco ASS 70 

  • Schuco ASS 70 sliding doors can be design based on single, double or triple tracks. 
  • Schuco sliding doors come in two, three, four or six panels

Colours and finishes for Schuco ASS 70 

  • Available in all powder coating RAL colours 
  • Coatex (texture colour)
  • Dual colour: different colour for inside and outside

Thermal insulation of Schuco ASS 70 

  • Depending on the glass and panel configurations, a Ud value up to 1.5 W / m² K can be achieved for the whole sliding door. 

Weather tightness performance

  • Air tightness test pressure:  4 (600 Pa)
  • Water tightness E900 (900 Pa)
  • Wind load resistance: Class 5 (2000 Pa)

Safety and security

  • Comes with multi-point locking system as standard
  • Burglar resistance classes of RC2 (optional) 
  • PAS 24 feature (optional) 

Glazing Options

  • Maximum glass thickness is 50 mm
  • Double and triple glass options
  • Standard double glass option (6/16/6) consists of 6mm toughened glass (outer pane), 16mm argon gas filled and 6mm toughened glass with low-e coating (inner pane)    

Threshold options  

  • A choice of standard more flush door threshold and lower step-over.


  • The ultimate sliding door comes with automatic operation with a hidden door operator. 


Schüco ASS 70.HI sliding doors offer high-quality system solution for commercial projects and luxury residential properties. 

  • Commercial projects: Hotels, restaurants, office buildings etc. 
  • High-quality residential buildings: Balconies, terraces, patios, and conservatories