Schüco AWS 70 SC Outward Opening Window

Schuco AWS 70 SC (slimline casement) window provides a cost effective solution for new and replacement windows in houses and apartments, light commercial buildings, local authority properties, schools, hospitals and clinics. 

A variety of different application are possible with this system, which can be used in punched openings, ribbon windows and curtain walling. It therefore provides a wide range of unique features and impressive benefits to meet any requirement.

Schuco AWS 70 SC design and profile specifications

  • Frame depth: 70mm
  • Visible width for frame-vent combination: 63.5mm 
  • Visible width for vent profile: 51mm
  • Five different profiles offering size/weight options
  • Compatible with Schuco AWS 70 doors 
  • Square or chamfered glazing beads for design flexibility
  • Slim sightlines for maximum daylight area
  • 90 degree and variable angles for bay window connections

Profiles range 

While using the minimum number of profiles, Schuco AWS 70 SC windows system provides a wide variety of sightlines, sizes and weights from slimline to heavy duty. The profile range is as follows: 

  • 51mm Vent: Slimline inside glazed
  • 56.5mm Vent: Slimline outside glazed
  • 70.5mm Vent: Standard inside glazed
  • 70mm Vent: HD inside glazed
  • 74mm Vent: HD inside glazed for 3-sided locking for large vents 

Maximum sizes 

  • Maximum sizes and weight depend on vent types:

Opening types 

Schuco ASW 70 SC windows are designed especially for outward opening. 

  • Side hung, outward opening
  • Top hung, outward opening
  • Corner solutions
  • Various combined options

Colours & Finishes 

  • Available in all powder coating RAL colours 
  • Anodizing finish options
  • Textured (metallic) finish options
  • Dual colour choice

Thermal performance 

  • Typical U-value 1.5 W/m2K with 1.0 W/m2K glazing units and polyamide (PA) insulating bars (Note: The lower U-value indicates the better insulation performance.)
  • Compliant with Document L
  • Window Energy Rating (WER) up to ‘A’ with polythermide (PT) insulating bar option

Weather tightness performance 

  • Air tightness test pressure: Class 4 (in accordance with EN 12207)
  • Water tightness: Class 9A ( in accordance with EN 12208)
  • Wind load resistance: Class B5 (in accordance with EN 12210)

Safety and security

  • Schuco AWS 70 SC windows comes with multi-point locking system as standard
  • Lockable handles to further increase security
  • Hardware can be upgraded to comply burglar resistance classes of RC2 or RC3
  • For ground floor windows, PAS 24 or SBD feature is available


  • Different sill options: 85mm, 150mm and 180mm 
  • Three-sided locking for high/wide vent
  • Heavy duty hinge alternative for heavier glass weights and larger sizes
  • Opening limiters for vents 
  • Stainless steel friction hinges, including egress

Glazing options

  • Maximum glass thickness: 34 mm. 
  • Typical double glass option is 28 mm (4/20/4 : 4mm toughened outer pane / 20mm argon filled cavity / 4mm toughened inner pane with low-e coating)
  • Glazing bead options: Edge or chamfer glazing beads

Application areas

  • New residential buildings
  • Replacement projects
  • Commercial buildings

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