Sliding Door Track Options




Since they are easy to operate, providing maximum light, and higher thermal performance comparing to bifold and french doors, sliding doors are becoming more popular in residential and commercial projects. When it comes to choose a sliding door for your project, there are many options to specify. One of these options is track type for a sliding door. Track types specify the opening configurations, clear opening, operations, aesthetic and more. So, understanding sliding door track system help you choose the right door for your project.

Sliding door systems can be designed in 3 types of track (rail) options: 

  • Single track (mono-rail)
  • Double track (duo-rail)
  • Triple track (triple-rail)
  • Quad track (4-rail)
  • Multiple track (multiple rail)

You can also choose from one of the configurations above depending on your project and design requirements. 

Single track (monorail) sliding doors

A single track sliding door consists of one sliding panel (vent) and one fixed panel. The fixed element is anchored directly into the outer frame profile to create a minimalistic look and increase thermal performance. 

The following opening configurations are possible with a single track sliding door:

  • Two panel sliding door (one sliding and one fixed panel) 
  • Three panel sliding door (the inner panel sliding and two outer panel fixed or vice verse)
  • Four panel sliding door (two inner panel sliding, outer panel fixed)

The main features of single track: 

  • Provides 50% clear opening 
  • Provides higher thermal performance (U-Value) 
  • Fixed panel is slimmer then the sliding panel 

Double track (duo-rails) sliding doors 

A double track sliding door consists of two identical panels (vents). Both panel can be made as sliding element or one sliding and one fixed panel. With 

Integrates 2 glazed opening vents, which have an identical look resulting in an aesthetic sliding window. Both vents can be made as sliding element, giving all flexibility to the users.

Opening configurations for double track: 

  • 2 panel: Both panel sliding. 
  • 2 panel: One panel sliding and one panel sliding. 
  • 3 panel: One panel sliding and two panel fixed or vice verse. 
  • 4 panel: Inner 2 panels sliding, outer panels fixed. 

Triple track (3-rail) sliding doors 

Triple tracks can be included to allow for large openings to create the popular glass wall design.

The main features of triple track sliding doors: 

  • Provides a two-thirds (67%) clear opening 
  • Offers solutions for over 6m. 

Quad track (4-rail) sliding doors 

For three pane sli

the main features of quad track: 

  • Provides 75% clear opening 
  • For large openings where triple track is not enough, over 10m. 

Multi track (Multi-rail) sliding doors 

Multi-track solution allows an expansion of outer frames from two to up to eight tracks, facilitating creative designs with very large openings.


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