Specifying aluminium louvre for your project


Specifying louvre is a compromise between airflow and water ingress. Each project should be considered independently, to take into account the particular needs of each application

Specifying an aluminium louvre for your project

o specify a louvre. 

What types of louvre are there? 

There are three main types of louvre: 

  1. Standard or rain defence louvre: This type louvre provides good airflow and protection from water ingress is required.  
  3. Performance (or Weather) Louvre
  4. Screening Louvre: Used where visual screening is the main requirement and rain ingress is not an issue, e.g. a car parks. 
  6. Acoustic louvre: Used where sound attenuation or noise reduction may be required. Acoustic louvres reduce noise pollution from plant rooms and air handling systems, whilst providing essential intake or exhaust airflow to equipment behind.


Selection criteria 

Selection criteria are as follows: 

  • Free area
  • airflow
  • water ingress