Steel Glass Pivot Doors

Rotating around a pivot at the top and bottom of the door leaf, a steel pivot door allows higher height and larger opening than a traditional hinged door, and provides uninterrupted views compared with hinged doors.

Offering extraordinary aesthetics due to their oversized nature, steel pivot doors are growing in popularity due to their opening mechanism. 


  • Constructed from thermally broken profiles as standard. 
  • Steel pivot doors are constructed with pivot hinges which cost higher than butt hinges.

Size Limitations

  • Standard size steel pivot door measures up to 1200mm at width and 3000mm at height.
  • The door vent may weigh up to 150kg. 

Opening options

  • Inward opening pivot door
  • Outward opening pivot door
  • Steel pivot doors can be combined with side or top fixed lights.

Safety & Security Options

  • Steel pivot doors usually come with a standard multi-point locking system which make them secure against unwanted entries.
  • Burglar resistance classes of RC2, RC3 or PAS24 are also available as security options.
  • Restrictor can be used to stop the door opening past 90 degree and hold it in place for safety

Regulations and Standards

Any doors to be installed at a residential property is subject to building regulations and some certain standards.

  • Doors to be installed on the ground floor of new buildings must have PAS24 securilty level. (Part Q, Read More >> )
  • Doors to be installed in residential properties must comply with Approved Document L in terms of thermal performance ( Read More >>

Product range

Jansen VISS Pivot Door

  • Thermall-broken profile
  • Slim steel profile
  • Frame depth: 80mm
  • Door height: Up to 6000mm
  • Door width: Up to 2000mm

Buyer’s Guide to Steel Glass Pivot Doors

Steel Glass Pivot Doors for Residential Use

  • As a large patio door,
  • In place of a traditional hinged door,
  • For creating visual impact in high-end projects.