Structural Frameless Glass Links

A glass link provide a connection between two different properties with large panes of structural glass. Glass links let you get from one building to another without having to go outside. Glass links not only connect buildings but they can also be turned into habitable spaces.



A glass link can provide the best possible link between two buildings and is particularly appropriate to link an old building to a new extension, providing an indirect interface between buildings of different ages or built in different styles.

Glass Linkways provide an indirect interface between buildings of different ages or built in different styles. Some heritage organisations stipulate a glass linkway to provide a visual divide when adding an extension to a listed building.Glass linkways are suitable for use in commercial or residential properties 


the main aspects designing a glass link: 

  • maximise daylight penetration through the roof
  • solar gain 
  • ventilation 
  • your project requirments and budget

Fixing methods can vary to suit each project need, with the option to chase all fixings into the stonework, if possible, for a completely frameless look.


Our glass linkways can be produced without visible fixings

structural glass fins or structural glass beams can be incorporated for integrity and to give a robust yet minimal result

the main element for glass links: 

  • Glass Beams: comprised of multiple layers of toughened laminated glasses to create a strong supporting element for roof panels of the glass link. For example, a glass beam be comprised of 4 x 10mm toughened laminated glass units. Depth of the beam varies depending on the size and weight of glazed panel it is supporting.
  • Glass fins (glass columns): Glass fins are usually made of toughened and laminated glass, are used to hold together and support glass walls which are predominantly subject to wind load and other lateral load. Glass fins are joined to the glass wall panels by structural silicone.

with an assumed wind load of 0.65 kN/m2 un-less otherwise specified.

Opening elements

  • Opening elements such as windows, doors and rooflights can be integrated into the structural glass links for freedom of movement throughout a space.
  • The options for a door are:
    1. Frameless opening doors (For only single glazed glass links for a completely frameless finish)
    2. Aluminium bifold doors
    3. Pivot doors
    4. Sliding doors
  • If you are using framed and weather-sealed doors, then additional steelwork may be required within the glass link in order to form the openings that the framed doors can be installed into.


Glass specification will  single double and triple glazing is possible.

Depending on the project requirements, glass links can be constructed using single, double or triple glazed units. 

Laminated inner glass pane is used in glass links for extra safety to prevent injuries. 

Typical glass specification for a glass link is:

  • Outer pane: 8mm Toughened 
  • Cavity: 16mm argon gas filled
  • Inner pane: 2x6mm toughened laminated with low e coating.

Optional features for glass used in glass links:  Low Iron Glass / Solar Control Glass / Anti Reflective Glass / AntiCondensation Glass / Acoustic Reduction Glass / Coloured Interlayers / Decorative Glass / Electro Chromic Glass (for large scale orders) / Fire Rated Glass (size restrictions apply) / Heated Glass / LED Glass / Low Maintenance Glass / Privacy Glass / Reflective Glass / Sandblasted Glass

Low iron glass can be specified to ensure that any blue or green tint is removed from the glass, therefore increasing its transparency.

Thermal Performance

Overall Uw value to be calculated per installation.

Standard Ug value of glasses are 1.1W/m2K .


Construction and Installation

All installation to be carried out in accordance with design drawings which are produced uniquely per project. 


Application areas 

Glass links can be thought for the different areas: 

  • between a new element of a building and a listed building
  • connecting a new extension to an existing building.
  • Uniting spaces 

Cost of Glass Links


Using glass for entire structure including glass beams and fins, is the most expensive option. 


Get a Quotation

If you are thinking a structural glass for your project, the glazing company you choose should be able to design and engineer the building connections, the glass to glass joints and all fixings for a glass installation.

Get a quotation for your glass link installations from us. Depending on your project requirements and location, we ask one of our partner companies to contact you soon for quotation.

Working with a Glazing Centre partners, you will get professional design and installation services for your structural glass link project. 

Depending on system and material chosen, the estimated lead time for a structural glass link starts from minium 10 weeks.