Supply-only quote vs Supply & Install quote

Quotation consisting of supply and installation service is the best option for homeowners and renovators who want complete peace of mind. Supplier will advise you on all the options available, custom make windows and doors to your exact requirements and take care of the everything involved in the replacement process.

Quotation consisting of supply-only service is designed for experienced developers and tradespeople who are familiar with products. The customer specifies all features for windows and doors and the supplier send the prodcuts to the customer’s address. 

Supply onlySupply & Install
CompetitiveYou can buy from any supplier accross the country. So you have a wide range of products to select for your project.  For supply&install projects, you usually have to work with local supplier nearest to your project site. Limited options for product ranges. 
MeasurementCorrect sizes will be provided by the homeowner or builder. Supplier is not responsible for any wrong measurments.For Supplier has come to your project site and take measurements
Installation risk Installation risk is belong to project owner or third-party installer selected by project owner.  Supplier is responsible for all kind of risks coming from installation (depending terms and conditions). 
GuaranteeGuarantee for products is provided by the glazing supplier. Installation guarantee is provided by installer seperatly. Products and installation guarantee is provided by the supplier. 


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