Test standards for windows and doors


Testing for windows and doors is a means of assessing a particular product for its ability to achieve specific requirements. These requirements are set out in British Standards, and their European equivalents. 

Testing weather performance 

All window and door systems should be tested according to the relevant standards for air permeability, wind load resistance and water tightness.

to test pressure levels for air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance for external windows and doors.

  • Air permeability
  • Water tightness
  • Resistance to wind load

Acoustic peformance 

The sound insulation properties of finished building elements are tested in a specially designed, fully equipped and calibrated acoustical lab.

  • Measurement and sound insulation in buildings & building elements
  • Rating of sound insulation in buildings & building elements

Mechanical performance 

The durability of systems is tested to guarantee the long-lasting performance in the building. Different types of tests are all performed on the dedicated island.

  • Repeated opening and closing: 
  • Operating forces
  • Mechanical strength, racking and torsion
  • Doors - behaviour between two different climates