The Buying Process for a Glazing Project

Non-building experts may find it difficult to traverse the realm of architectural glazing and technology. Glazing project is a very complex field in general, and every buyer wants to ensure that the buying process helps them to choose the proper glass installation for their design.

Selecting the perfect windows, doors, and other glazing products for your house, like any other remodeling purchase, necessitates careful study. You’ll wish to consider the design and layout you desire, energy efficiency, and also how modern doors and windows may help you save money on your heating costs, the projected lifespan of a product, if its placement needs planning approval, and, of course, how it fits into your finances.

It’s a lot to consider, but your vigilance in selecting materials for your home renovation project will almost certainly pay you in the long term. Hiring a glazing firm to provide and install windows and glazing items in your house is similar.

The buying process for your glazing project can prove to be challenging without any knowledge and insights of the same. Glazing companies’ sales representatives have a questionable image. However, by understanding their strategies and staying one step ahead of them, you can considerably choose the best quotation for your windows and doors.

Before stepping into the buying process, make sure you’re aware of what exactly you want. This will form more informed and controlled decisions with the quotes you receive and will fit well with the suited requirements with a better sense of cost and expenses.

Explore different products and ideas

To find the best-suited product, it is a good option to explore various products. An excellent place to start is at an expo or a home exhibition. You can compare a variety of double-glazed windows and doors by visiting just one of the locations.

Apart from that, explore the neighbourhoods as well to analyze the kinds of double glazing seen and which is the most common one.

Exploration of products can be aided with a predetermined set of priorities that take precedence over others while choosing the appropriate product for the project. Setting these smart objectives can make the window selection criteria go more smoothly.

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Contact glazing companies

The next step is to opt for a reputed double glazing firm. The selection of firms can be mind-wobbling with so many options available in the market. The key research factor before taking a firm decision on the company is to check the background history and reputation of the company. The next step is to look at their previous works and go through customer’s feedback.

You can send your set of requirements to the companies to assess if they serve all the needs within your budget. Choosing the well-suited company meeting your project goals is the decision to be taken at this point.

Discuss your project details

Once you’ve decided on a company, it’s required to discuss the project in detail with the consultant. Further, the company will serve you with a certain set of information in writing, such as a summary of the products agreed upon, expenses (including outset charges), when it’ll be delivered, and your cancellation rights. These agreements must be adhered to by the company.

Get a quote

After determining the apt company with a large selection of goods to choose from, that satisfies all of your project’s objectives, and provides the ideal double glazing option, get a quote. Send them your doors and windows schedule with floor layout to receive a preliminary quotation.

Pre survey

A site survey can be added to the quotation where a professional surveyor visits the site to measure openings, calculate and communicate any required deductions to guarantee that the glazing fits well.

After the site visit, the surveyor transmits the size of the frames to the company who further applies the right sizes to all the components in the project.

Place an order

After recording information, final checks, the next step is to place the order. After placement of the order, you’ll receive a contract with a preliminary date for the installation. This date will be confirmed nearer the time after manufacturing the customized products.

Survey and drawings

A technical survey will result in photographs of the site, final measurements, and a list of requirements and specifications. The precise measurements will lead to the manufacturing of the products that fit perfectly on-site.

The company will develop detailed drawings with dimensions, typology, and placement of the doors or windows.


The products will be engineered and manufactured with precise accuracy. Each product will be unique, built to fit in the site with exact specifications. The goods will be quality checked and put through rigorous tests to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand the extremes.


If your contract is suppy&install, planning delivery and offloading the vehicle (a truck or van) is the glazing company’s responsibility. If your contract is supply only, offloading the truck is your responsibility.

You have to provide labour and any mechanical lifting device if required. 

The delivery of the windows and doors must be planned so that the site is prepared to suitable unloading facilities should be provided before. 

Depending the glass products quantity, size, and weight, unloading glass products can be carried on in different way: 

  • Unloading by hand: : To unload by hand, pallets will need to be ‘broken down’ on the lorry and individual frames manually off-loaded. The windows and doors are heavy and great care should be taken when off-loading manually
  • Unloading by crane-lift: 
  • Unloading by forklift: 

After receiving the shipment, doors or windows will be installed with the help of professional fitters who are well-qualified and well-trained to meet the standards.
The installers will replace the old products or fit in new products with care and tidiness without causing much trouble. There is no set time for the installation process of the new openings as it is dependent on the scope of work and complexity of the project.

How long it will take to install glazing products depends on a lot of factors:

  • Quantity: The number of windows and doors to be installed is the main factor for installation duration. 
  • Glass size: Large glass takes longer time to install. 
  • Height: What height the glass is installed, does a scaffold required? Installing at height and using scaffold takes longer time. 
  • The glass size, how much labor is requried, any glazing robot requried?
  • How compliacated is it to install the glass at your project? Large and heavy glass are more difficult to install and takes time.  

Your installer company tells you an estimated installation duration after a presurvey. 

After your new windows and doors have been properly fitted, the fitters will walk you through each product, showing you how it operates and ensuring that you are satisfied.


One of the crucial factors to consider in the buying process is product guarantee. Each product comes with a guarantee of a few years, 10 years in general. This allows you to enjoy the additions in the home for years.
In case of any issue with the product, the company will provide service for repairing or replacement.

The guarantee covers production flaws, ordinary wear and tear, corrosion, and weatherproofing on the doors and windows.

These are crucial considerations, and gathering this information can not only assist you in making a better-educated purchase decision, but it may also spare you from a bad surprise down the road.

Be a smart and tactful buyer 

The glazing’s two most fundamental roles are to provide a physical border and to allow light to travel from the outside to the inside. Everything regarding the performance of the glazing project is based on these main foundations. Glass adds to a window’s thermal efficiency as well as its resistance as a protective border. The more the glazing shields the interiors from the external, the less energy is needed to keep the temperature differential between both the outdoor and indoor constant.

The buying process for double glazing products can be a cakewalk if you follow these steps. It can be hard for first-timers to choose the correct product and company, but keeping these key factors in mind, the process can be streamlined and will help you choose the best bespoke product suiting your needs.


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