Tilt and Turn Steel Windows

They can be opened in two modes: tilt and turn. The sash can opened on a tilt postions at the base of the window for vetilation and the turning function allows the sash open inwardly, hung from the side for full cleaning and full accessible. The switch between tilt and turn mode is done with a single handle.   

The steel frame can be available in stainless steel, galvanised steel or corten steel. All material versions delivers very slim sightlines thus maximising the glazing area. 

If the structural opening is larger, the tilt&turn windows can be combined with side, top, or bottom lights


Tilt&turnsteel windows are suitable for any type of residential or commerical buildings. Some common applications are listed below: 

  • Ideally suited for renovating old or historic buildings and for modern glass constructions.
  • New residential buildings
  • Replacement  
  • Commercial buildings

Compliance with Building Regulations 

  • Thermal performance (U-value) (Compliance with Part L) 
  • PAS 24 compliance for ground floor windows (Compliance with Part Q)
  • Trickle vent requirement (Compliance with Part F)

Our range of tilt&turn steel windows

We offer a variety of steel tilt&turn windows that are designed to fit your project aesthetic and technical requirements. Each of them has different specifications. Select from one of the ranges below to view details about our sliding door systems: